• Highlights from the BHS Parent-Student Handbook:

    Making up Work After an Absence – Students are encouraged to make up work after an absence. A student who was absent from a class receives a “0” for all work missed (quiz, test, lab, etc.) as a result of the absence. A student will be provided the opportunity to make up the missed work and eliminate the “0” grade. The teacher has no obligation to provide the same opportunity for a student who has been truant.

    Making Up Work Due to Truancy – Students who have been truant may receive a grade of “0” for missed work. Truancy for the sake of this policy means a student was absent from the school building and/or classes without the permission of his/her parent/guardian.

    Dress Code/Attire – All students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Student dress should reflect the idea that school is a place of business where students are learning both academic and social skills. Individuality in dress is a matter of personal choice, but it will not be permitted to interfere with, disrupt, or distract from the activities of the school. Students and their parents have the primary responsibility for acceptable student dress and appearance.

    Electronic Devices/Cell Phones – Electronic equipment should be activated during academic settings for approved academic use only. If not being used for approved academic purposes, personal electronic devices should be silenced and/or turned off upon entering a classroom setting unless otherwise directed by your teacher or staff member. Students should not disrupt the academic setting by using electronic devices. Students who use electronic devices that disrupt the academic setting may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including confiscation of devices, turning in devices to the classroom teacher prior to the start of class, turning in devices to administrators for a period or multiple periods, banning of devices from school property, suspension from school, and/or other disciplinary penalties as defined in the District Code of Conduct.

    Note: all other policies of the Brighton Parent Student Handbook apply to Summer School.