Brighton Summer School


    ***All policies of the District & BHS Parent-Student Handbook apply***


    In addition to District policies and the BHS Parent-Student Hanbook:


    1. Students will be in the building during the time of their class session ONLY, allowing 5 minutes before and after class for arrival and dismissal. If students are scheduled for Session III, they may be in the building during the time coordinated with families. If a student is not scheduled for a class, the student may not be in the building.


    1. Students understand if they choose to drive to Summer School that they will park in the parking lot to the south of Brighton High School between the school and the church.


    1. Only students enrolled in the Brighton Summer School program are permitted to be at summer school.


    1. Violation of these rules and other policies detailed in the BHS Parent-Student Handbook could result in removal from Summer School and/or other disciplinary consequences.