• 3rd - 5th grade families: CLICK HERE to review and acknowledge the FRES Acceptable Use Policy.

    6th - 7th grade families: CLICK HERE to review and acknowledge the TCMS Acceptable Use Policy.

    9th - 11th grade families: CLICK HERE to review and acknowledge the BHS Acceptable Use Policy and Device Protection Plan.

    8th grade families: CLICK HERE to review and acknowledge the TCMS Acceptable Use Policy and Device Protection Plan and begin the tablet distribution process.


    This fall our district will be continuing with our increased technology access program through which teachers and students in all 8th through 11th grade will be issued tablet computers to support their learning for the entire school year.

    This is a learning initiative aimed at providing students with personalized learning experiences that stimulate creativity and imagination as well as maximize learning opportunities.  Our goal is to create a learning environment where students experience, connect, and interact with the world in ways that traditional textbooks and curriculum alone can’t provide. We believe technology should be a daily tool for students (as it is in many jobs now) and not an “event” like that found when going to the computer lab or rolling a laptop cart into the classroom.

    All students in grades 8-11 will receive a Yoga 11e tablet device and charger in August.  All returning 9th through 11th graders have retained their devices from the 2019-20 school year.  All 8th graders (and 9-11th grade students who are new to the district) can pick up their device in the BHS Cafeteria. Please note that students must be accompanied by an adult family member to pick up their tablet.


    August 22nd:
    9AM until Noon or 5PM until 8PM

    August 29th:
    9AM until Noon or 5PM until 8PM

    Enter BHS through the cafeteria door at the tennis court end of the parking lot.


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