• Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan Updates

    This section of the website will offer periodic updates regarding the Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan. Presentations from Board of Education meetings are available to view and download at the bottom of this page. Other details about this project are available to the left.


    Update November 2017

    At the Nov. 28, 2017 Board of Education meeting, Assistant Superintendent for Administration Lou Alaimo and representatives from Campus Construction Management Group, SEI Design, and SWBR Architects provided an update on the Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan.

    The overall goals of the Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan are to improve privacy, accessibility, program impact, and mechanical systems. The District and its architects have listened to stakeholder feedback throughout the process and have been flexible in finding ways to improve the project along the way.

    The District is currently in the pre-construction phase of the Project. There are three aspects of that:

    • Schematic Design (SD) Phase
      • A general view of the project components after detailed discussions with the Owner.
      • Complete district user group meeting to develop program space needs.
      • Drawing documents approximately 15-25 percent complete with intent narrative provided.
    • Design Development (DD) Phase
      • The schematic design is refined with specific details for each item of scope.
      • Complete district user group meeting to finalize program needs.
      • Drawing documents approximately 50-60 percent complete with preliminary specification.
    • Construction Documents (CD) Phase
      • The DD documents (Architectural and MEP) are finalized into the construction documents.
      • Complete district user group meeting show everyone final plans being submitted.
      • Drawing documents approximately 95-100 percent complete with specifications book.

    At this point, the District has completed the following steps:

    • Voter approved referendum vote on May 16, 2017
    • Owner-Architect-Construction Manager (OACM) team have been meeting monthly to review status of the project
    • OACM team established a Preliminary Master Schedule to track pre-construction progress toward State Education Department (SED) submission
    • Design teams have been meeting with district user groups to discuss the programs completed progress update
    • Design teams have completed SD documents
    • Campus CGM has completed and reconciled the SD Estimate with the OACM team
    • Design team has completed and submitted to SED the CD documents of Phase 1 Field/Track, BHS Roof, and TCMS scope of work
    • Design team has continued on to the DD phase and is currently working on updating and detailing drawing documents

    The approved referendum authorized the District to spend $64,996,500 on the project. That amount is broken down into the following areas:

    •  Conceptual Construction Budget                              $ 48,201,453
    •  Construction Contingency Budget                            $   3,374,470
    •  Incidental Budget                                                             $ 10,316,395
    •  Project Financing (Capitalized Interest/DASNY)     $  3,098,182

    The chart below shows how much is currently budgeted for each area of the project and how much the current Schematic Design is estimated to cost. These numbers will change monthly. The BHS roof, track and turf replacements, and TCMS work have been prioritized to get those accomplished as soon as possible – hopefully in the summer.


    Below is the schedule for the Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan:

    • December 2017 – Design teams will complete DD documents
    • January 2018 – Campus CMG will complete and reconcile DD estimate with OACM team
    • March 2018 – Expecting SED to approve Phase 1 Field/Track, BHS Roof and TCMS scope of work
    • March 2018 – Bid and award Phase 1 construction contracts
    • April 2018 – Design teams will complete and submit CD documents for SED review process
    • June 2018 – Mobilize contractors to begin Field/Track, BHS Roof and TCMS scope of work
    • July 2018 – Campus CMG will complete and reconcile CD estimate with OACM team
    • December 2018 – Expecting SED to approve remaining project scope of work for CRPS, FRES, TCMS, and BHS
    • February 2019 – Bid and award construction contracts
    • Spring 2019 – Mobilize contractors to begin construction scope of work

    The latest Council Rock Primary School site plan is pictured below. The bus loop now fits all buses in it and can be used for parking for evening events. The parent drop-off has been extended on the East side of the building, so approximately 13 cars can que up to drop-off students. There are two athletic fields, two playgrounds, and one hardscape play area.

     CRPS design

    A courtyard space will be created at Council Rock due to the addition to the South of the building. It’s an exterior education space with an amphitheater, fabric covering for teaching, and butterfly garden.



    Below are conceptual drawings of what the front entry and front entry corridor of Council Rock Primary School could look like.

    Council Rock front

    Council Rock inside

    The drawing below shows the layout of the addition that will go on the front of Council Rock. It includes a secure entry with the main office up front, a new library media center, and a new cafetorium.

    CRPS addition

    Below is a drawing of the classroom addition to the south of the building. This area could accommodate a second floor in the future, if it’s deemed to be necessary. Breakout spaces let two classrooms connect, so the students can work together.

    classroom addition

    The rendering below is of a corridor in the new classroom area. The design allows the corridors to be used for small group instruction.


    Below is a rendering of a new 21st century classroom with the breakout space open, connecting it to the neighboring classroom.


    French Road Elementary School will get improvements to the art and music suite. The new design adds a small corridor so all rooms are accessible without going through another room. All of the rooms are on the exterior of building so they will have natural light. Art rooms have island sinks and better access to kilns. Music rooms have sinks to clean out instruments and more storage for instruments. All of the rooms are accessible.

     FRES art and music suite

    The FRES cafetorium will get 200 additional seats by installing a folding tiered bleacher system that has fabric auditorium-style seating. There is room for 500 more seats on the floor. The bleachers fold up so that the room can function as a cafeteria during lunch.

    FRES cafetorium

    The Twelve Corners Middle School cafeteria will be updated to include two points of sale and two lunch lines. Students will be able to choose from a variety of seating including tables, built-in booths, and café-style tables around the existing columns. There will be recycling centers with a sink to wash items out.

    TCMS cafeteria

    The TCMS Library Media Center will also be updated. All of the furniture will be designed for flexibility. For example, the shelving for books is lower and on wheels. There is soft, comfortable seating available for students and space to work alone or in groups. The Brighton Genius Bar will have an area to offer technical help to fellow students.

    TCMS library

    The TCMS Team Rooms will feature bigger lockers to accommodate equipment for all sports. Each room can fit 50 lockers. There are private changing areas and everything is fully accessible.

    TCMS team rooms

    The TCMS fitness room and wrestling room are currently two separate areas, but they’ll be opened up into one big area. Windows will be added looking out to the first floor lobby.

    TCMS Fitness suite

    At Brighton High School, the art rooms will be updated. The rendering below shows an art room with mobile tables, cabinets for storing 2D and 3D art, an area for computer art projects, and cord reels to provide access to electric outlets.

    BHS art The BHS Auditorium will also be updated through the project. The ceiling and walls will be worked on to provide better acoustics. The foyer between the lobby and the auditorium will be removed to add an additional 50 seats. New seating and carpeting will be added, including accessible seating. Sound, lighting, and rigging equipment will also be updated.

    BHS auditorium

    Eight of Brighton High School’s science classrooms will be upgraded. The diagram below shows how three smaller classrooms can be converted into two standard labs with everything updated.

    BHS science