Thursday, February 7 at 5:00 pm

    Friday, February 8 & Saturday, February 9 at 7:00 pm


    We would like to thank all of those students who auditioned for the Winter Musical.  The energy and enthusiasm that you brought to the auditions is exactly what we will need to do this show.  The directing team has spent many hours this week putting all the casting puzzle pieces together.  We believe that we have put together a fabulous cast and are excited to begin working with you.  Please remember, even if you were not cast in the part you had hoped for, that every performer is important to the production.  While we know that some people may initially be disappointed in their roles, we ask that you keep in mind that in educational theatre there is always something for you to learn in the process.

    Please send an email to  to accept or decline your role by 3 pm on Tuesday, November 13.


    Lizzy Bernold Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Ethan Bitran Mush
    Kenny Brotherton Ensemble
    Jacyn Burch Ensemble
    Jordyn Chalmers Newsie
    Rachel Chilson Newsie
    Anna Couch Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Caroline Cox Darcy  / Ensemble
    Rita D'Agostino Newsie
    Emilia DelVecchio Bunsen
    Brooke DeVore Albert
    Acacia Donohue Snyder / Ensemble
    Ella Dunning Ensemble
    Sarah Ellis Newsie
    Jamie Falkovich Romeo
    Hugh Finnigan Henry
    Billy Fox Nunzio / Ensemble
    Harry Franklin Finch
    Jackson Frenz Morris Delancey
    Yousra Ghassat Pulitzer's Guard / Ensemble
    Gabrielle Graney Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Allison Grosser Buttons
    Yael Gunter Newsie
    Alysia Hutchinson Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Gilad Katz Mr. Jacobi / Ensemble
    Leo Katzman Mayor / Ensemble
    Bridget Kerwin Elmer
    Greta Kerwin Specs
    Jaz Koft Race
    Daniel Kolodny Roosevelt / Ensemble
    Sarah Kolodny Woman / Ensemble
    Ava LeBoo Seitz
    Ethan Lesiv Joseph Pulitzer
    Matthew Liebman Bill Hearst / Ensemble
    Ella Lyons Crutchie
    Alex McAnally Davey
    Niamh McDade Clay Newsie/ Bowery Beauty
    N'Dazcia McDermott Newsie
    Ione Minerva Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Judy Monickaraj Newsie
    Noelle Nafus Hannah
    Sadie Nilsson Newsie
    Zoe Nipe Police Officer / Ensemble
    Melody Nunez Gonzalez Newsie
    Henry Paskell Weisel
    Chloe Phelps Katherine Plumber
    Matt Purtell Jack Kelly
    Colin Quattrini Newsie / Spot Conlon
    Katrina Rich Oscar Delancey
    Molly Shafer Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Kahri Silva Newsie
    Ella Stamper Medda Larkin
    Bri'Anna Taggart Ensemble
    Izzy Tickell Newsie
    Ella Tunis Stage Manager / Ensemble
    John Wager Newsie
    Kristen Waltz Ensemble
    Jess Williams JoJo
    Marina Zapesochny Newsie / Bowery Beauty
    Katlyn Zimmerman Newsie
    Sydney Zobel Newsie


    Cast Read Through- Wednesday, November 14th from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm


    Director - Mrs. Parent

    Vocal Director - Mrs. Staebell

    Choreographer - Mrs. Padilla

    Orchestra Director - Mr. Struzik