• Update - July 2018

    We are excited that installation of the new turf field is progressing nicely and is on schedule.

    Paving for the new running track will begin July 11 and once completed, the surface will need to cure for 30 days before the surface can be applied. It is very important for the project schedule that faculty, staff, and community members stay off of the track during the 30-day curing period. Activity on the track may delay the spraying of the rubber surface and therefore delay project completion. Campus Construction, the District, and the Brighton Police are checking the field and track on the weekends to make sure that people are not using them.

    The roofing work at Brighton High School has begun. Campus Construction will be coordinating crane placement with the District and roofing contractor so as to be effective for the work and not blocking any school activities. The District reminded contractors that there is a Farmers’ Market every Sunday and they need to make sure that the materials and laydown areas do not interfere with those events.

    The Twelve Corners Middle School chiller replacement is ahead of schedule. It is important that when the crane is on-site that the building is vacated by all faculty and staff.