• The District installed a new turf field and track surface. The football end zones and track are blue.

    District Begins Work on Brighton Facilities Improvement Project

    The Brighton Central School District was excited to begin work on the Brighton Facilities Improvement Project over the summer. Voters approved the $64,996,500 capital improvement project by a vote of 1,379 to 245 in May of 2017.  

    “We’re thrilled about the work that was done over the summer,” Superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan said. “It took years of careful planning to get to this point, but it’s great to see the new turf field, tennis courts, track, and solar lab already being used by our students. Many other projects were done behind the scenes allowing us to utilize our buildings to support all aspects of providing students and the community the highest quality experiences while creating a safer and more efficient environment.”

    The work started with the installation of a solar array on the south side of Brighton High School in May. The array was made possible thanks to a gift from the Brighton Rotary Club, which was applied toward the installation of the solar array and purchase of instructional equipment to be used in the laboratory. The array provides students and staff with real-time data on energy generation and consumption. The embedded software allows for the manipulation of energy use, the associated costs, and conservation opportunities.

    A new solar array was added on the side of Brighton High School.

    The most visible project this summer was the replacement of the turf field, running track, and tennis courts behind Brighton High School. With the safety of the athletes being paramount, the District decided to replace the field early. The old turf was removed and the underlying drainage was checked for operability. A new stone base and rubber pad were installed and then a turf field, designed with the District’s logo, was installed. The running track, long jump, and pole vault approach, colored a distinctive blue color, complete this section of the complex. The tennis courts were removed and a new base of stone and concrete were installed along with new exterior fences. The response from athletes using the facilities this fall has been very positive.

    Roof repairs were also made at the high school. Two large sections of the existing roof were removed, as age and deterioration had taken their toll. New insulation and roof membrane will provide much needed relief to the building occupants. There were also wall sections that had been deteriorated by constant exposure that were replaced along with the roof.

    Roof repairs were done at Brighton High School.

    Twelve Corners Middle School had its chiller replaced over the summer to help keep students and staff cool. The location of the existing units in an inner courtyard added a level of complexity to completely removing the existing system and replacing it with modern, energy-efficient units. Walls and ceilings were removed to accommodate the work, but workers restored the courtyard after the new chiller was installed. The new units feature new, electronic controls that allow for energy conservation settings.

    Twelve Corners Middle School received a new chiller. This picture was taken before it was enclosed with brick.

    It was determined that six doors in the middle school cafeteria did not meet the current standards for schools. The new doors were scheduled to be installed in December.

    The Administration Building received an update to its emergency public address system. The update of the current system allows the District to access a building-wide emergency communications system from any classroom or office telephone as well as from cellular telephones outside of the building. This update brings the building into compliance with best communications practices.

    The Administration Building also had new thermostat controls installed in all of its classrooms and office spaces to replace the existing, outdated controls. The new system provides more accurate controls and is a key factor in energy savings and conservation.

    A new oil separator was installed at the Buildings and Grounds facility. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has very strict requirements regarding the introduction of oil-based products into sewer systems and local water aquifers. This unit replaced the separator that was original to the building and it provides the District with the technology and equipment required to eliminate any discharges from this vehicle maintenance building.

    The majority of the work was able to be completed over the summer to minimize disruption to staff and students. Additional work will occur at all four of the schools over the next three years.

    “There are high expectations for this project, as there should be,” Board of Education member Larry Davis said. “In the design phase alone, we used input from teachers, architects, construction management, and our own buildings and grounds team. The design phase was a collaborative, thorough, and exhaustive process. The plan that was developed at the end of this process will deliver the best results for our kids, with the fewest disruptions possible.”

    The largest part of the project will be an addition on the south side of Council Rock Primary School that will allow the District to offer full-day kindergarten beginning in the fall of 2021. Council Rock will also receive a new entrance and main office, cafetorium, and library media center; updates to existing classrooms; and a reconfigured bus loop layout and parking lot. The building will also receive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades.

    French Road Elementary School will receive renovations to music and art classrooms, the library media center, and bathrooms. The cafetorium will receive telescoping bleacher seating, the gymnasium will receive a new floor, the roof will be replaced, and the bus loop and parking lot will be repaved. The building will also receive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades.

    Twelve Corners Middle School will receive renovations to art and science classrooms, the cafeteria and kitchen, library media center, fitness suite, locker rooms, bathrooms, and faculty workroom. The building will also receive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades.

    Brighton High School will receive renovations to art and science classrooms, the auditorium, bathrooms, and locker rooms. The building will also receive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades.

    "The Brighton Facilities Improvement Project is the result of resident feedback and the work of the full-day kindergarten committee and the  facility  master  planning  committee,” Board President Mark Kokanovich said. “It’s a project the Board is proud of and sets the course for the next 10 to 20 years of capital improvements, technology improvements, and modernization of all buildings and facilities.”

    The District will provide regular updates about the project at Board of Education meetings.

    Campus Construction gave an update on the phasing of the construction at the Nov. 13, 2018 Board of Education meeting. Watch the video below to see the presentation. You can view the Construction Phasing Plans by clicking here.