• To qualify to attempt credit by exam, a student needs to score an

    • 85% or higher as the final grade for the current course
    • 85% or higher on either the regents exam for that course or the local final
    • 85% or higher on the qualifying exam

    Once Ms. Pearce (Math Department Coordinator) has verified that you have met the first two requirements, she sets up a time for the student to take the qualifying exam (usually the end of June/beginning of July).  


    Once a student has qualified, Ms. Pearce provides them all of the work that would be covered for the school year for the course.  She does not provide answer keys.  The only work collected from them at the end of the process is your toolkits.  That is the project mentioned in the description of this process in the handbook.  You also must take the regents exam or local final for that course during the regents week in August. 


    Successful completion of the course is measured by if

    • you score an 85% or higher on the Regents exam or local final exam and
    • toolkits are satisfactory.

    Then the student is awarded credit (no grade for the course, only the final exam) and can be enrolled in the course that follows in September. Ms. Pearce will notify the counseling department in late August about the successful completion of Credit by Exam.


    Questions about  the process should be emailed to Ms. Pearce at tracy_pearce@bcsd.org or Mrs. Doyle at andrea_doyle@bcsd.org.