• Under separate tab are forms that support our Event Chairs. 

    "Forms from Treasurer for Event Chairs":  The "Voucher" is used when you need a check for reimbursement of an expense you've already incurred OR to request a check ahead of an event to pay a vendor.

    The "Money Handling Form" is used when you need start-up cash OR if you are returning money to the Treasurer after an event. 

    Logos:  Logos are provided for your use in marketing material.  Pleaes note:  All marketing material must be approved by several stakeholders.  To start, forwarded your draft to our President sangitamom@yahoo.com to get the process started. 

    **TAX EXEMPT** If you are purchasing something for an event, please bring a Tax Exempt Form with you.  Those may be obtained by contacting our Treasurer Katrina Robinson at E-Mail PTSA Treasurer.  Tax cannot be reimbursed on purchases made without a Tax Exempt Form.  

    If you have additional questions, please contact your Building Chairs for support.

    Thank you for your time and talent.