• The "Reimbursement/Check Voucher" is used when you need a check for reimbursement of an expense you've already incurred OR to request a check ahead of an event to pay a vendor.

    The "Money Handling Form" is used if you are returning money to the Treasurer after an event. 

    **TAX EXEMPT** If you are purchasing something for an event, please use a Tax Exempt Form; PTSA does not pay or reimburse tax. These may be obtained by contacting our Treasurer Kelsey Rinella: E-Mail PTSA Treasurer.


    In an effort to save paper and reduce unnecessary contact, we are now testing all-digital options for our forms!

    Reimbursement/Check Voucher Form

    Money Handling Form (a Google Sheet which aids calculation; just click "Submit!" when finished)

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    Our traditional printable forms are below:

    Reimbursement/Check Voucher Form

    Money Handling Form

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