• A Message from the Superintendent

    Dear Members of the School Community,

    We couldn’t have asked for a better opening of school. Thank you to our many community partners, caregivers, parents, students, and staff for making it a safe and smooth return to school.

    The energy level on campus and in each of our schools is really something to behold. People are so very excited to be back together and to be able to do so safely. A variety of COVID precautions and protocols continue to be in place. Fortunately, we have a high rate of vaccination among those who are eligible and thanks to the diligence of our students, staff, and families, infection rates have remained exceedingly low. At the time of writing this, we just concluded Homecoming Week with record attendance at events and athletic contests. It is such an honor and pleasure for all of us to be a part of these special moments for our young people and the community.

    Contributing to the excitement of our full return is the completion of many aspects of our most recent capital project and the long awaited start of the Full-Day Kindergarten program. Your support has enabled our work to provide innovative and refreshed facilities and spaces more suitable for the high level of instructional opportunities that our students are being given each day. Throughout the year, we will be highlighting this work through reports in this publication, website updates, video tours, and eventually a community grand opening at Council Rock.

    Throughout the year, we will remain focused on the important work before us as detailed in the District’s annual strategic plan, the Blueprint. Our priorities for this year include work on ensuring Rigorous Coursework for All Students, Systems Review and Improvement, especially related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and work related to Mental Health and Wellness.  Please take a look on the website at www.bcsd.org/blueprint for more information. Our vision continues to be that:

    BCSD is where:

    • Students feel safe, valued, included, and challenged.
    • Every child is advocated for and connected.
    • Families are engaged, respected, and appreciated partners.
    • Staff are valued, supported, inspired, and committed.

    Thank you for your support for our work and for being a part of a district where students are achieving at their highest levels ever, but more importantly, a district where ALL students are achieving at these levels and being inspired by caring, innovative, and engaged educators.

    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools 


    Fall 2021