• A Message from the Superintendent

    Dear Members of the Brighton CSD Family,

    We hope that this message finds everyone having enjoyed a safe, restful, and enjoyable summer with family and friends. As we begin the 2023-24 school year, we couldn’t be more excited about the journey that lies ahead and the work that is being done for children and their families.

    Throughout the summer, our staff was engaged in professional development, curriculum review, and preparations for the upcoming year. One way in which we prepare, is to spend a considerable amount of time each year measuring our progress in meeting our annual goals, analyzing data related to student performance and student wellness, and then realigning plans based on our findings. Our Blueprint Strategic Planning process, that includes many parent, community, and staff participants, guides this work and yields an updated work plan for the coming year.

    We set goals in the following priority areas:

    1. Mental Health and Wellness
    2. Academic Excellence
    3. The Student and Family Experience
    4. Staff Support and a Collaborative Culture
    5. Safety and Planning for the Future

    In each area, a variety of action steps are also developed and then reported out on throughout the year. For more information and to read the entire plan, please visit www.bcsd.org/blueprint.

    As important as the planning process is and as excited as we are to be engaged in professional learning, what continues to be most important to us is our focus on “every child, every day, every way.” We believe deeply in treating each and every student as an individual, honoring and supporting their own unique humanity, caring deeply for every member of the school community, and committing to being an inclusive, engaging, and challenging home for all. We believe that this is why our students are achieving at the highest levels they have in our history and why so many are finding our District and community to be the home for them.

    We’re looking forward to an exciting year of continued focus on each child, of fiscal stability and long term planning for success, and being your partner in this work.

    Onward and upward.

    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools