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  • Fight for Brighton was formed to help our community advocate for fair school funding. We get just half the Foundation Aid we are due - the lowest in WNY and second lowest in all of upstate. A few years ago our representatives secured what was supposed to be a permanent funding boost for Brighton, but legislative changes made since then have erased our gains. The Foundation Aid formula was developed to spread funding equitably, according to measured of need. Unfortunately, it was never fully implemented or fully funded by the State, and instead the formula has been continuously distorted. The result is uneven and inequitable funding across districts, ranging from from 41% to 1700% of what the original formula would calculate as fair. Districts receiving more than they should are protected, while those underfunded are told to be patient. Meanwhile, Brighton has been shortchanged $88M in the last 10 years - money we will never recoup. Something urgently needs to change. Especially since Brighton is about to face major cuts in staff and programs. Please join us in the fight!