Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Updates

  • COVID Update and Community Forum Reopening Discussion  Feb. 24, 2021  

    Dear Members of the Brighton School Community, 

    Current Numbers 

    • Since our last update, there have been 9 new positive COVID cases as confirmed by Monroe County (4 at BHS, 3 at TCMS, and 2 at CRPS). 
    • All of the cases are in the hybrid program. 
    • 7 of the cases remain “open.” 
    • 14 additional members of the school community are in official quarantine as directed by the Monroe County Department of Public Health. Other individuals are self-isolating or quarantining at the request of their doctor, school personnel or of their own accord while awaiting additional contact tracing. 

    CDC Guidance 

    Please see the reopening materials that were reviewed at last night’s Board of Education community forum and consider watching the video that can be found here. This is a moving target on a daily basis and I’m hopeful that the materials and presentation will give you some clarity on the mixed messages that are out in public space. If I can answer any question at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m more than happy to discuss our outlook and planning or clarify any information that you are hearing. 

    The bottom line is that we will continue to hope for a return to more in-person instruction as soon as it is possible. We’re reviewing opportunities for changes on a daily basis. Nothing has changed in the state at this point. The CDC guidelines are important, but not applicable unless adopted by our state’s Department of Health. Our budget and contingency planning for next year is absolutely focused on 5 days of in-person instruction with variations based on what the state might require or conditions at the time might necessitate. 

    Keep masking, keep distancing, and keep smiling. We are in this together and are so appreciative of your support, patience, help, and understanding. 


    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D. 

    Superintendent of Schools 

Questions and Concerns