• Update to Families - March 27 

    Dear Brighton Families,   

    We hope that this last week has gone as well as possible for all of you. We really wish we were back at school, but couldn’t be more proud of how this community has rallied to help each other, stay safely away from each other, and jump into online learning experiences. Kudos to our staff for all that they have done to transform their daily face to face interactions to a virtual environment. 

    I’m writing again today with a few brief updates and information that we think you will continue to find useful to have at your fingertips.  

    • Food: We will continue to offer bagged breakfasts and lunches for children and adults. This will continue Monday-Friday until schools reopen. Meals are free for students. We will have pick-up available at BHS Door 23. Pick-up is from 9 to 11 a.m. If transportation is an issue, please call us at 242-5200 and we’ll get food to you. More details are available at this link.  
    • Learning: As expressed above and in prior communication, our staff has done an excellent job of shifting to a virtual environment while balancing the needs of their families and the newness of the tools available. We’ve shaped the next steps in this process based on the experiences that they are having, your feedback as a community in the ThoughtExchange, and through the virtual town hall. 

    We do need your help! Please make sure that your children are participating in the experiences being provided to the best of your ability as a family. It is expected that they will jump in with both feet. Phase 2 of these experiences will begin officially after April 13, although many of the updated opportunities are already happening. 

    The information below should give you a sense of our current thinking on this work and what we are considering going forward. Again, thanks to you for your feedback and especially to our teachers for their hard work on this. 

     Are you having difficulty with technology or are you in need of a device or internet access? Please call us at 242-5200 ext. 5555.  

    • Closure: We are now officially closed until April 15. As we did from the beginning, we will work with local emergency management staff, the Health Department, the County Executive, the State Ed. Department, and ultimately the Governor’s office to determine our status for closing or opening moving forward. Health and safety continue to be our primary concern. Our facilities are closed and almost all staff are working remotely. Please reach out to administrators via email (or voicemail if needed as they go to email) if you need something and they can assist you remotely.  
    • Your Help: As many have said, please participate in “flattening the curve.” Social distance is essential. Stay home and away from others. Prevent the spread. We’ll all be better for it.  
    • Cancellations: We will wait until we absolutely have to before canceling events, trips, and activities. We are considering alternatives and our ability to reschedule. We really don’t want students to miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities.  
    • Testing: Grades 3-8 testing has been canceled for this year. No word yet on Regents exams, and we don’t expect to hear for some time. We have received word from the College Board on arrangements that are being made to allow for refunds OR provide remote testing opportunities. BHS staff and administrators are processing that with students. 
    • Connecting with You: We’re planning on hosting a weekly Town Hall using Facebook Live. Please mark your calendars for next Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. and tune into the Brighton Central School District Facebook page. Keep your eye out for an email reminder with more information.  

    We're continuing to post resources and regularly updated information about access to food, child care, and continuous learning at bcsd.org/coronavirus.  

    If you need help, we will be there for you. 

    Say the word if we can help and best wishes for continued good health.  



    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.  

    Superintendent of Schools  

    …every child, every day, every way  


    Brighton Central School District 

    Plan for the Continuation of Learning beyond April 3, 2020 


    District goals for providing continuous learning opportunities for Brighton CSD students: 

    1. Provide high quality learning experiences for our students to the best of our ability. 
      1. (Gr 9-12) Establish an ongoing plan for instruction to prepare students for end of course assessments 
      2. (Gr K-8) Establish an ongoing plan for instruction to prepare students for advancing to the next grade level 
    2. Monitor and maintain student and family connections with their school communities.   


    What does this mean? It means…. 

    1. That we are committed to increasing our online experiences for students which involve new learning (not just review). 
      1. Students in grades K-5 will have about 120 minutes of learning opportunities/day from their classroom teachers; emphasizing ELA and math, but not excluding Social Studies and Science.  In addition, additional learning will be provided by our specials teachers as well as our support services (SpEd, AIS, ENL). 
      2. Students in grades 6-12 will have about 40 minutes of learning time provided each day or about 200 minutes per week from each of their teachers. 
    2. Teachers will be delivering this learning in a variety of formats which will include, but not be limited to, the use of Schoology, SeeSaw, and Zoom.  The learning experiences may be either synchronous, asynchronous, or both. Note: teachers may not be directly engaging with students each day, but rather, providing them with opportunities to learn material with routine opportunities for that direct connection. 
    3. The completion of learning experiences on the part of the student will remain flexible with respect to time, given that many students (especially our older students) are being called upon for childcare, etc. 
    4. If being provided, teachers will coordinate their synchronous experiences, to the best of their ability, to minimize conflicts. 
    5. All of our educators will be setting up a time each week to connect with their students.  The purpose of these check ins will be to answer questions, stay connected, and just in general, maintain the relationships that have been built throughout this year.  This connection may involve virtual office hours, direct emails, phone calls, etc.  Connections will be scheduled so that students/parents can plan accordingly. 
    6. FRES, TCMS, and BHS teachers will be emailing their students and parents of students a minimum of once per week. CRPS teachers will be emailing their students’ parents a minimum of once per week.  The purpose of these emails is to maintain connections and promote engagement in the provided activities.  
    7. Teachers will make every effort to identify students/families who are not engaging and work in conjunction with administration and mental health staff to reengage the student(s) 
    8. Parents will receive a weekly update from principals, highlighting the news of the week and providing general updates for planning purposes. 
    9. Mental health staff will continue to reach out to students/families who may need assistance.