• Simplified Plan for the Continuation of Learning 
    Frequently Asked Questions 
    April 10, 2020 

    The District’s primary goal for providing continuous learning to students is offer high quality learning experiences to the best of our ability. Instruction will prepare students for end of the year assessments and the next grade level. 

    Students in grades K-5 will have about 120 minutes of learning per day from classroom teachers with an emphasis on ELA and math. Additional learning will be provided by specials teachers and support services. Students in grades 6-12 will have about 40 minutes of learning provided each day from each of their teachers.  

    Learning will come through many formats, including Schoology, SeeSaw, and Zoom.  Completion of work will remain flexible with respect to time, given that many students (especially our older students) are being called upon for childcare, etc.  

    All teachers will set up time to connect with students each week. The purpose of these check-ins will be to answer questions, stay connected, and maintain the relationships that have been built throughout this year.  

    Teachers will be emailing their students and parents of students a minimum of once per week.  Parents will also receive a weekly update from principals.  

    Q: When will we return to the classroom? 

    A: At this point, we are working at the direction of the Governor and Monroe County Health Department who have stated that we will remain out of school until May 15. As we get closer to that date, we may have a better idea of whether the closure will be extended. 


    Q: Will school be extended into the summer? Will there be summer school to compensate for the school closings?  

    A: At this point, there are no plans to extend school into the summer. Summer school for BHS students remains in the budget.  


    Q: Can all teachers send assignments to both parents and students? 

    A: Starting April 13, students and parents should receive the week's plan at the beginning of the week. Teachers will continue to communicate to students throughout the week. Teachers should email their students and parents a minimum of once per week.  


    Q: Can teachers coordinate their schedules so students don’t have conflicts or too much work at once? 

    A: Our teachers have developed a schedule and will do their best to coordinate work and expectations for students. 


    Q: Some teachers are giving more work or are more strict than others. Can you standardize this? 

    A: Curriculum has been standardized across the grade level for a given course and is based on the state standards. Each teacher has the discretion of determining how that curriculum is best taught based upon the individual classes and student needs. Each teacher is trying to find the balance for the students that they work with and all we ask of anyone is to do what you can do to the best of your ability and continue to reach out to teachers, counselors and administrators for support. 

    At the secondary level, teachers should be providing the equivalent of about 200 minutes of learning time each week, keeping in mind that students have multiple courses and support services that will also be vying for that time. At the elementary level, homeroom teachers should provide daily learning opportunities for about 120 minutes a day, with an emphasis on ELA and math; also keeping in mind that students will be receiving support services as well as getting assignments from special area teachers.  


    Q: As a parent, it’s challenging to support learning with our other responsibilities. What should we do? 

    A: This is why we are committed to providing learning opportunities to our students who can access them to the best of their ability. If your children are not able to participate at this time, we will embrace them when they return and help them to learn. Trust that you are not alone. 


    Q: Are Zoom learning opportunities mandatory for teachers and students? 

    A: We recognize that the current situation has put undue burdens on some of our students which is why we strongly encourage students to continue with their learning during the current time. This is also why we are designing much of our instruction to be asynchronous so as not to penalize students who may have additional responsibilities during this time. Zoom is available and a voluntary option for all teachers and staff.  

    Starting April 13, all educators will be establishing a set time to connect at least once per week. At the secondary level, these should be coordinated with other members of a team/grade level to minimize overlap. Connections should be a consistent, reliable time when teachers are active with students and families in a learning management platform (Schoology, Zoom or other web-based platforms will be used). 


    Q: Why aren’t teachers doing live learning for the entire school day through Zoom? 

    A: Our teachers have the ability to decide what approach works best for the various student needs in their classes and what the demands of their content may be. The live learning approach does not work for everyone and is not a standard we felt needed to be imposed on families or on teachers. This approach will be used more and more over time as it is determined to be the best approach 


    Q: Where can I get information about using Schoology, SeeSaw and One Note, and establishing a study routine at home?  

    A: Please visit www.bcsd.org/Domain/38 


    Q: What are the expectations for students? How will report cards be handled? 

    A: At TCMS, third quarter grades will be based on the work done up to March 13. After that date, anything done can only help a student's grade. 

    At BHS, grades will be calculated based on work done prior to March 13. Work done between March 13 and April 3 will only help students, not harm them. We will start the fourth quarter on April 13. Missing or incomplete work can be submitted through April 15. We are in discussions right now regarding how we will calculate grades in the fourth quarter. 


    Q: What is going to happen with Regents exams and final grades for BHS? 

    A: At this point, Regents exams have been canceled and students will not be penalized for missing these exams. They will not need to make them up and credit will be awarded based on school-determined criteria. BHS is currently working on how we will address grades in the fourth quarter and for final course grade calculations.  


    Q: What’s being done to celebrate and recognize our seniors? 

    A: We have developed a virtual decision day by creating a video/picture montage of seniors reporting the college, work place, military, or other career field they are pursing in the fall. We are also going to be reaching out to create a slideshow with all senior pictures and names to celebrate them. We are also coming up with contingency plans for all senior activities to be done at a later date before the fall. 


    Q: If we don't go back to school this year, how are we ensuring a smooth transition between CRPS and FRES? 

    A: Making the transition from CRPS to FRES as smooth as possible is very important to us. We will follow the same procedures for staff sharing information, using Zoom instead. If we do not go back to school, we will creatively connect 2nd graders with 3rd grade teachers and students as well as staff.