• Reopening Plans Update – July 31  


    Today the District is submitting to the state the most up to date plan for reopening (click here to access the plan documents). This document will continue to evolve as protocols are refined, regulations are better defined, and best practices are developed.  

    This week’s version is largely unchanged, with the exception of two support service areas:  

    1)    Food Service – Due to the impact on instructional time, the food distribution for remote learning days will not go through students during the in-person school day. The District will run a grab and go distribution system for families outside of door 24 at Brighton High School.  This will be available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  An online ordering system will be put into place. Delivery of food for families with transportation hardships will also be available.   

    2)    Transportation – Because of a driver shortage and notification of a number of drivers not returning in the fall, the District has amended our plan to increase the maximum capacity to two students per seat with masks being required.   

    As other changes are planned in response to stakeholder feedback and capacity considerations, we will be clear about changes that have been made. You can also find a one-page summary document of our plan here.  

    Please click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions document created based on your feedback and the questions you’ve been asking throughout the week. We will add to this weekly and point out new questions that have been answered.  

    Thank you to those who were able to join Wednesday’s virtual Town Hall. A summary of the thoughts shared in the Thought Exchange can be found by clicking here.  

    Please note that questions asked among the first 200 or so thoughts have been answered directly in this report. Additional questions were largely repetitious and already answered in the first group. However, ALL thoughts have been reviewed. If you need a question answered and it still has not been, please email Dan Goldman so that he can get you a response and add to our growing Frequently Asked Questions document. A recording of the Town Hall can be found on our YouTube channel.   

    We will do another Virtual Town Hall at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 12 on Facebook Live.  

    Finally, if you haven’t already, please respond to this survey by the end of the weekend. This initial information will be used as we make additional plans, especially with regard to those asking for all remote programming and those in need of transportation.  

    Our plan for the next few weeks is as follows:  

    Aug. 3: Survey Closes at 9 a.m.  

    Aug. 3 to 10: District develops more detailed plans and protocols based on family feedback.  

    Aug. 10: Additional plans released with greater detail and information regarding all virtual programming.  

    Aug. 10 to 17: Families review the plans provided and are asked to commit to the hybrid or all-virtual option no later than Aug. 17 at 9 a.m. A survey link will be sent on Aug. 10.  

    Aug. 17 to Sept. 10:  Prepare for opening  

    Please note that the first day of school will be on Thursday, Sept. 10 with the A-L group. Wednesday, Sept. 9 will be a Superintendent’s Conference Day to provide for additional training and preparation time.  

    Thanks again for your support, patience, and thoughtfulness in this process. We’ll keep working on finding the best ways to meet your needs as a family in the safest ways possible. This isn’t ideal in any way, but we’re committed to doing our best work on your behalf.   


    …every child, every day, every way   

    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.   

    Superintendent of Schools