• A Message from the Superintendent – Nov. 9

    Dear Members of the Brighton School Community, 

    As you may be aware, information is being released by the State of New York regarding our local designation as a microcluster “yellow zone.”  We are working on learning more about yellow zone designation and what we will be required to do in terms of gatherings and a testing program.  

    Our plan and our priority are to continue operating as we have been as long as it remains safe and feasible to do so. 

    We have been meeting with local officials and will continue to do so this evening. Rest assured that you will not be surprised by any new protocol without advance notice and we will not be testing anyone without your knowledge and consent.   

    We expect a plan to take shape through the rest of this week. As soon as we have more detailed information to share, we will do so.  

    Thank you for being patient and for doing your part!  

    Please continue to stay masked, distanced, and observe hand and respiratory hygiene. Let’s not be complacent. Please revisit your habits regarding gatherings and taking your masks off.  

    At this moment, stay tuned, stay calm, and stay healthy. We will work through this together as we have since March.  

    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D. 

    Superintendent of Schools