• COVID-19 Update – Nov. 18


    Dear Brighton Families,

    This is the first of our weekly Wednesday COVID status updates.

    Case Status:

    Since our last communication:

    • We have been notified of 5 additional positive cases in the District.

    They include:

    • 1 student at Council Rock Primary School
    • 1 staff member at French Road Elementary School
    • 2 students at French Road Elementary School
    • 1 student at Twelve Corners Middle School

    11 students and/or staff members are currently quarantined due to possible exposure, but are not positive cases. Only 1 case is considered active at this time. No cases are thought to have been transmitted at school.

    All in all, our District rates have been very low and what you’re doing is working. Keep it up!


    We began testing at FRES yesterday and continued with staff on campus today. We will be testing at TCMS on Thursday and BHS on Friday. We have tested 301 individuals and have had no positive tests.

    Nearly 70% of the in-person population has replied regarding consent. Of those, 92% have consented. If you haven’t had a chance to reply, please do so at these links:

    Students: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ZLm1_AgyPkeLzTMrIV6bE-bnw6Se4ExAhCZdv6kij8VUQUhZMExBTDlOM1MwUjdDWTZIUERaMkMwTy4u

    Staff: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ZLm1_AgyPkeLzTMrIV6bE-bnw6Se4ExAhCZdv6kij8VUMkpJRzI0QzdPU0ZaRlpMVEYyM0kxWTBNNy4u

    Remaining Open:

    We recognize the concern that the local rate of infection has caused and again implore everyone to do their part to keep the community safe. However, we have been adamant that it is our goal to stay open. We are not planning to close and are very hopeful that our region will be able to remain open for students and staff. We will continue to work closely with local and state officials in this regard. If anything changes, we will communicate with you quickly. We are prepared for all eventualities, but have not been told that anything is imminent. It is certainly very clear that the local rate of infection needs to be lower or the region will face additional health and safety measures. We’re doing our part and thank you for doing yours as well!

    Schedule Adjustments

    We made minor adjustments to the Wednesday Remote schedule for students in grades 6-12. Those changes were implemented today. In summary, classes were shortened by only 5 minutes each and the start of the day was made later accordingly. There are several reasons for this change that we feel is beneficial for all concerned.

    They include:

    1. Slightly less time on screen per period. Students are on back to back Zooms for their entire school day. We believe that the day would be more beneficial with slightly less time scheduled on screen and that the substantial use of the 30 minutes will likely be very similar to the use of the previous 35 minute period. In other words, time on task and with teachers will be very close to what it was before.


    1. By capturing the extra time scheduled for each period, we are able to better use time with the staff prior to their day starting with students. Toggling between two different cohorts of students for each class and determining how to narrow the curricular focus for each course is complicated and time consuming. We are providing more time for staff to do that and to collaborate with teachers in their department or who are teaching the same course in order to support them in their efforts to maximize instructional time and provide feedback to students/parents.


    1. Students in grades 6-12 in the remote environment work better when they begin a little bit later.


    We are not anticipating any additional changes and appreciate your patience and flexibility. We are learning and growing as we go. We review feedback and regularly consider what we are seeing in each course and for all students. These adjustments are being made with the notion that quality is more important than quantity and our effort will always be to provide your children with the approach we feel is educationally most effective.

    Thank you for all that you are doing to keep everyone safe and healthy. Questions? Feel free to write us at: covid@bcsd.org with additional questions, comments or concerns.


    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools