• Orange Zone COVID-19 Update – Nov. 25   


    Dear Members of the Brighton School Community, 

    Thank you for attending to the consent forms and understanding the requirements that have been created by the State’s designation of our area as an orange zone. Consent has been given for 92% of students. 1% are still deciding, 1% have said no, and 6% have not responded. I am writing tonight with our planned next steps based on these results. 


    1. We will be doing all remote instruction for all students on Monday, Nov. 30, Tuesday, Dec. 1, and Wednesday, Dec. 2. Both the A-L and M-Z cohorts will meet together as previously communicated to you. 

    2. We will host a drive-through COVID-19 testing program at Brighton High School on Monday, Nov. 30, Tuesday, Dec. 1, and Wednesday, Dec. 2. Details regarding hours and procedures will be sent to you on Friday. All hybrid students and staff will need to be tested during this program. 

    3. We will reopen the hybrid in-person program on Thursday, Dec. 2 for anyone who has been tested. 
      1. Members of the A-L cohort will attend as they would have previously on Thursday, Dec. 2. 

      2. Members of the M-Z cohort will attend as they would have previously on Friday, Dec. 3. 

      3. Students who still have not been tested will not be able to attend in-person instruction based on the current New York State requirements. We will contact those families individually to explain the program that we will be able to provide in the remote setting for their child. We will also continue to advocate for flexibility in this requirement. 

    4. We will monitor changing requirements from the state and communicate with you should anything change. We will begin planning for retesting of 25% of the school population during the week of Dec. 7 as per current orange zone requirements.

    5. What’s coming next and when?
      1. If you consented to testing: please look for information to be sent to you on Friday regarding the testing program for next week.

      2. If you did not consent: please look for information to be sent to you on Friday regarding remote instruction.

      3. If you have not provided an answer: you will be contacted again seeking your consent. Your child cannot attend in-person instruction until they have been tested and will be planned for in a remote environment. 

      4. Additional information specific to each school will be emailed by each principal on Friday.

    We are grateful for your continued patience and support. We are adapting and adjusting to state guidance as quickly as possible and trying to be flexible in our thinking so as to do the best job possible in providing an instructional program that meets the needs of all learners and allows as many students as possible to learn in-person for as much time as we are able to provide. 

    Best wishes for a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 


    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D. 
    Superintendent of Schools 


    Case Status 

    Since our last communication: 

    • We have been notified of 8 additional positive cases in the District. Only 1 is an open or current case and 3 of the 8 are remote only. 

    They include: 

    • Council Rock Primary School: 1 Student 
    • French Road Elementary School: 1 Student 
    • Twelve Corners Middle School: 2 Students and 1 Staff Member 
    • Brighton High School: 1 Student and 2 Staff Members  

    Thirteen students and/or staff members are currently quarantined due to possible exposure, but are not positive cases. No cases are thought to have been transmitted at school.