• Orange Zone COVID-19 Update — Dec. 2 

    Dear Members of the Brighton School Community,  

    Thank you again for your incredible support and cooperation with regard to the orange zone testing program and our efforts to reopen. I know you may have heard these comments before or read them on social media platforms, but I don’t think it can be said enough: Your efforts to stay healthy and come together as a community are astounding. The efforts of our nursing, security, administrative, clerical, food service, and buildings and grounds staff over the last several days have been remarkable. We owe them a debt of gratitude, and probably a cup of hot chocolate or two. The weather was only one of many challenges to this effort, yet they overcame all of the obstacles to provide an efficient and effective program that will allow us to resume “normal” hybrid operations. Special thanks to our instructional staff as well. They have adapted to so many changes and continue to do so. They are working very hard to shift quickly and provide students with everything they need in a variety of modalities. 

    First, the story by the numbers: 

    • A total of 3,310 tests were administered over the last three days at Brighton High School (BHS). All but 79 students in our in-person population were tested. There were 11 total positives. That’s an infection rate of just 0.33%. 
    • Since our last update, there have been five additional positive COVID cases as confirmed by Monroe County. 

    Please note that the 11 above are not confirmed until diagnosed through a follow-up PCR test and confirmation is provided through the County. 

    Four of these cases were at BHS and one was at Council Rock Primary School. One of the individuals is in the all-remote program. 

    Only one of the cases is considered open. In other words, all of the others have already resolved and the individual is no longer considered COVID positive.

    Six members of the school community are in quarantine. 

    A few additional updates: 

    1. We will resume the hybrid program tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 3) with the A-L cohort. We look forward to seeing the M-Z group on Friday, Dec. 4. 
    2. Students who are required to isolate or quarantine, or who did not consent to being tested, or who did not come to testing will be provided an opportunity to join their in-person classes via Zoom on their in-person days during the time they are required to be out of school. You will be contacted directly with details should your child be in this situation. 
    3. We are still awaiting guidance on the state’s new plan for orange zone microclusters. We are aware of press reports and listened carefully to the Governor’s press conferences. However, we are not able to change our procedures or practices until we receive state regulations, guidance or an Executive Order. 
      • We are very grateful for the collaborative relationships we have and the support we have received in managing this situation and advocating for thoughtful solutions to the challenges being presented. Special thanks to our Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza, Brighton Supervisor Bill Moehle, and County Executive Adam Bello for their work with us in this regard. 

    Best wishes for a safe and healthy end to your week. Thank you again for all that you are doing to keep yourselves, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your community safe. Masks, masks, masks. 

    Thank you! 

    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.  
    Superintendent of Schools