• Community Service Projects for Families to Do at Home

    Thanks so much for showing that Brighton Believes in Caring.  Below you will find ideas for community service projects that your family can do at home.  These are projects that need some materials, but should be low- to no-cost to do.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the community service co-chairs:  Heidi Vorrasi (vorrasi.heidi@gmail.com), Jennifer Zaffuts (Jennifer.zaffuts@gmail.com) , or Beth DiCesare (ewolyniak@gmail.com).  

    Please keep in mind: 

    • Please take the information below as suggestions. Use your imagination and extra materials to make the project your own. 
    • When the projects are complete, please bring to school and place in the clear bins inside the door.  Collection of all the projects will occur on March 31, 2021
    • Please take lots of photos! We would love pictures of students working on the projects. Photos can be emailed to Heidi, please cc: Doris Young. 

    A few questions to start a conversation about community service with your family:

    • What is community service?
    • Name some examples of community service.
    • Why is community service important for us to do?
      • Every person (even one!) can have an impact on someone or something (think of the dog that is walked or has a toy, the senior citizen that enjoys a beautiful centerpiece, the sick child that receives a card)
      • When we work together in a community, the community becomes stronger. 

    PROJECT #1

    Agency Name: House of Mercy or Willow Domestic Violence Center

    Agency Mission:  The House of Mercy provides a wide range of valuable services to more than 4,000 people a month who are suffering from poverty related issues.  It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to offer safe overnight shelter for the homeless, hot meals, groceries, donated goods (e.g., clothes, furniture, appliances, bedding, and personal care items), advocacy services, and more.  “Every day, all day, in ways big and small, we serve Rochester’s people in need”.  

    Willow’s mission is to prevent domestic violence and ensure every survivor has access to the services and supports needed along the journey to a safe and empowered life.  

    Project Details: Put together a hygiene kit.  Items may include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and washcloth.   To further put a smile on someone’s face, it would be great to make the washcloth into a chick and decorate a nice card (“Have a Nice Day!”) to put inside the Ziplock bag.

    To make the chick from a washcloth, fold the washcloth diagonally and then roll it up.  Bend the roll in half. Take each half and fold in half again, the opposite way.  Put on the rubber band.  Pull out the beak by pulling the corner in the middle through the bend. Apply eyes. 

    project example


    PROJECT #2

    Agency Name: Seneca Park Zoo

    Agency Mission: Seneca Park Zoo inspires our community to connect with, care for, and conserve wildlife and wild places.

    Project Details: Create paper papier-mâché shapes for zoo keepers to fill with animal treats. Animals will appreciate the fun treat toys! 

    To make the paper maché paste, simply mix together 1 part flour to 2 parts water. You will want it to be the consistency of thick glue. Mix well to remove any lumps. Then, dip a strip of newspaper into the mix, run your fingers over it to remove excess paste, and lay the strip across your box, paper tube, or balloon. It's best to put on MULTIPLE LAYERS of strips in order to assure your item is sturdy. IMPORTANT: Make sure the balloon is completely removed from the creation. Make sure there is no metal, tape or large amounts of glue. 

    These papier-mâché shapes can be decorated with construction paper or tissue paper. Please avoid glue, paint and glitter as it can harm the animals. 

    PROJECT #3

    Agency Name: WUCC Pet Food Pantry 

    Agency Mission: Established in 2018, the Pet Food Pantry (PFP) grew out of a need and opportunity identified by the Youth.  We partner with Foodlink and other community  organizations to collect food and distribute to participants in the Meals on Wheels for Pets program.  Every month the Rebel Beat Youth pack orders for approximately 80 Meals on Wheels participants.

    Project Details: Students work together to measure 2.5 lbs of cat food per ziploc bags. 

    PROJECT #4

    Agency Name: Woodside Manor or Jewish Home (or any long-term nursing facility)

    Agency Mission: Our skilled nursing staff and medical team are specially trained to manage the needs of our residents’ acute or chronic diseases and those recovering from surgical procedures. Maintaining our residents’ quality of life is reflected by our social and activity programs - including pet therapy with a bunny rabbit, dog and parrot - which are enjoyed by all. 

    Project Details: Make birthday cards to provide to the residents of Woodside Manor. Cards should be happy in theme (for birthday!) and no larger than 5.5 x 8.5.

    PROJECT #5

    Agency Name: Bethany House of Joseph Avenue

    Agency Mission: The Bethany House provides shelter for homeless women and children without expecting payment through Social Services; all of their support is through donations.

    Project Details: Create  ziplock bags filled with 1 load worth (approximately ¼ cup) of powdered laundry detergent.  Many times a person may need to use the laundromat, but may not have enough money to purchase detergent (in any size).  They can get these bags filled with powdered detergent as part of a “care package” at the Bethany House.

    PROJECT #6

    Agency Name: Lollypop Farm 

    Agency Mission: Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, is committed to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach programs, and the prevention of cruelty.

    Message from Agency: You Rock! Because of your hard work, dogs will have new toys to play with and to take to their forever homes.

    Project Details: Create chew toys for dogs to enjoy while waiting for a forever home.

    • Have students select 3 strips of cotton. 
    • Tie one big knot at one end of the strips. 
    • Either continue to tie knots down the strips Or braid the strips and end in a second knot. Trim excess materials if needed. 

    PROJECT #7

    Agency Name: Ronald McDonald House 

    Agency Mission: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester supports the health and wellness of children and their families through innovative programming, supportive services and community partnerships.

    Project Details: 

    Decorate paper bags with positive messages for children staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Fill each bag with 3 snacks.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure bags do not have glitter or fuzzy decorations that could irritate little lungs. 

    PROJECT #8

    Agency Name: Jewish Home 

    Agency Mission: To enhance the quality of life, health, and well-being of Jewish older adults, their families, and others in our community, consistent with the values and traditions of our Jewish heritage.

    Project Details: Create centerpieces for the tables in the resident dining room. Spring-themed designs would be well-timed. 

    • Create ‘flowers’ with construction paper and arrange in a jar. 

    PROJECT #9

    Agency Name: Ryan's Case for Smiles

    Agency Mission: Provides handmade, bright, cheerful pillowcases to children battling cancer and other life-changing illnesses. Cards and pillowcases are given to children when they enter Golisano Children's Hospital for treatment. 100% of donations are used to purchase the needed supplies such as fabric and thread for this project. The pillowcases are sewn by volunteers who range from individual sewers to community groups such as quilting/sewing guilds, scouts, etc. 

    Message from Agency: Thanks for making beautiful cards to accompany special pillow cases we send to children being treated at Golisano Children’s Hospital. The cases and cards help make the children’s stay a bit more cheery. 

    Project Details: Make cards to include with pillowcase gifts to children with life threatening illnesses. Cards should be no larger than 5.5 x 8.5. Please avoid loose glitter as these cards will be packaged with clean pillow cases for children to use in the hospital. 

    PROJECT #10 

    Agency Name: Junior League of Rochester Diaper Bank

    Agency Mission: The Junior League of Rochester Diaper Bank addresses diaper need in Monroe County, as well as surrounding counties, by providing diapers and diapering supplies to partnership organizations and social workers. In 2020, the Junior League of Rochester Diaper Bank distributed over 250,000 diapers and served over 5,700 children. We collect diapers (including open packages and loose diapers), pull-ups, training pants, wipes, and diaper creams. We also collect monetary donations, which are used to purchase these supplies at deep discounts.

    Project Details:  You can help by making a donation or hosting your own diaper drive. Visit www.jlroch.org/diaper-bank to get involved!