Dr. Marlowe Washington

District Diversity Consultant, Dr. Marlowe Washington

  • For the past three years, Brighton Central School District (BCSD) has been engaged in the systematic process of ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are incorporated into the culture and habits of the district. Since 2019, I have been part of that effort as the district’s diversity consultant to ensure that cultural transformation is embedded in the learning and workforce outcomes of the district. One of my roles is to help students and the workforce understand the sociocultural, historical, and at times the political underpinnings of inequality and injustice with the required skills and knowledge that will enable our workforce and student populations to work effectively across human differences.

    One of the important works I am engaged with currently is through BCSD’s Blueprint Plan and the Superintendent’s anti-racism/anti-bias curriculum initiative. Brighton Central School District has revitalized and enriched its curriculum and fostered innovative approaches to academic programming through a culturally responsive curriculum. At French Road Elementary School (FRES) for example, we have begun identifying areas in the K-5 grades curriculum and across disciplines through their Mental Health and Counseling Department to embed anti-racism lessons into their “Second Step” curriculum which does two things: first, it teaches students about celebrating human differences, and lastly it increases the ability of the staff to have difficult conversations with students and others.

    As chair of the district’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, we have implemented three key areas and continue efforts to influence a diverse workforce, family, and student engagement culture. The three key areas which are also our sub-committees are: Hiring Practices, Family Engagement, and Student Engagement. The Brighton Blueprint Plan is the driving force behind this exciting work, and I am proud to say it is the compass guiding our diversity and inclusion lens.