Learning Spaces

  • Student Centered Learning Spaces

    We enact our values in the spaces in which we live. The classroom is the heart of learning and must reflect the values, dreams, and aspirations we have for our children. The first step in enacting the dreams and aspirations that we have for our children is by disrupting the traditional standardized industrial classroom model. It supports assimilation, ignoring individual cultures as the main fabric of the learning process and the main contributor to collective growth and equitable outcomes. The Learning Spaces Project started four years ago through an application process in which teachers were selected to redesign their classroom spaces to support student-centered environments where students’ agency can be nurtured. Since then, over 50 classroom spaces have been reimagined to create the flexible learning spaces that meet the needs of all of Brighton's learners.


    Equitable Access to Technology

    1:1 Initiative

    The Brighton Central School District is committed to ensuring that all our students have access to the tools that they need to succeed in a connected world.  To that end, Brighton has distributed an iPad to each student in grades K-5 and a laptop to every student in grades 6-12.  

    Internet Access

    Brighton Central School district recognizes being connected to the internet is critical at this time.  Families without reliable internet access are provided a District MiFi device so that all students will have reliable connectivity to complete their study.

    Technical Support

    There are multiple ways we support students and parents in their use of technology from home. These include:

    • Technical Support is also available via phone at (585) 242-5200 ext. 5555

    Closed Captioning

    The majority of our online instruction is provided through Zoom videoconferences.  We have partnered with Zoom to provide live closed captioning capabilities for all class meetings to support students in our HOH community.  If your child requires CC services to fully participate in an online class meeting, please contact your child’s teacher to enable CC.