NYS Ed Law -2D Compliance

  • What is Ed Law 2D?

    Education Law § 2-d protects student personally identifiable information (PII) from unauthorized disclosure. Additionally, Education Law § 2-d provides parents  with rights regarding their child's PII.  The parent fact sheet explains these rights.

    For each contract the BCSD enters into with a provider, and where the third party contractor receives student or staff personally identifiable data, the following information will be included:

    • the intent for which the student data or staff data will be used;
    • a published agreement that the third party contractor will ensure that the subcontractors, persons or entities that the third party contractor will share the student or staff data with, if any, will abide by data protection and security requirements;
    • the disposal of data that contains personally identifiable items;
    • a process for parents, students, staff who wish to challenge the accuracy of the student data or staff data that is collected; and
    • the location of data and where it will be stored.

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