• COVID Update — April 28, 2021

    Dear Members of the Brighton School Community, 

    Current Numbers 

    • Since our last update, there have been 6 new positive COVID cases as confirmed by Monroe County. 4 are at BHS, 1 is at TCMS, and 1 is at CRPS. All are in the hybrid or in-person learning models. 
    • 12 additional members of the school community are in official quarantine as directed by the Monroe County Department of Public Health. Other individuals are self-isolating or quarantining at the request of their doctor, school personnel or of their own accord while awaiting additional contact tracing.   


    Masking Outdoors 

    This is still required. Please see this letter from Mr. Merritt regarding the need for masking at all home and away athletic events. Although the CDC has loosened their recommendations and our Governor claims to have done the same, the guidance for schools has not changed at this time. We will keep you posted when it does. 



    The return to five days of in-person instruction for K-5 students went exceptionally well. Thanks to everyone for their support, planning, and assistance. It was a great week back.  

    Unfortunately, grades 6-12 will not be able to return to five days of in-person instruction next week. The infection rate is still too high according to the guidance. The rate is currently 234.98 per 100,000 residents in Monroe County and it needs to be under 100. We have reviewed multiple scenarios for “cohorting” at the 6-12 level that would enable a return and we are still logistically unable to create that type of schedule and adhere to the guidance. However, we are planning on creating an entirely new “alternative” schedule for next year that could be used to bring students back for a full five days a week and maintain cohorting, if the infection rate is not low enough to proceed without cohorting. The traditional master schedule will also be developed and will likely be our schedule. The alternative will only be used if necessary. Please keep in mind that the District has every intention to be in-session, in-person five days a week K-12 in September, if not before.    

    To that end, PLEASE get vaccinated, keep masking, and keep distancing. Let’s get the rate down so all kids planning for in-person can be in-person each day.  


    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D. 

    Superintendent of Schools