• COVID Update — Sept. 3, 2021

    Dear Families,

    We can’t wait to welcome everyone back! Below is some final COVID-related information before school begins on Thursday, Sept. 9. Thank you for all of your feedback. We’re in it together!

    Beginning Sept. 15, you will be receiving weekly COVID updates every Wednesday in a similar format as last year. Weekly case counts and updated information will be included.

    Have a super weekend.


    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools


    What we know now…

    REOPENING: We are reopening for all students, five days per week.

    IN-PERSON: We are not able to offer a remote option for this year.

    MASKING: We will require universal indoor masking for all students and staff, despite vaccination status. Mask breaks will be provided at a teacher’s discretion when students are distanced and for less than 15 minutes at a time.

    DISTANCE: We will provide as much distance as possible in all activities.

    VACCINATION: We are not requiring COVID vaccinations for students or staff. Our staff is nearly 100% vaccinated. Staff will be required to be tested weekly unless they choose to opt-out by providing proof of full vaccination.

    PREPARATION: We will be prepared to “go remote” and adjust our plans should circumstances require such a change.

    SCREENING/ATTESTATION/ABSENCE: We will not be requiring the daily health screening attestation, but we will ask for families and staff to attest at the beginning of the year.


    We will regularly remind the school community of what they should be looking for and the reasons to stay home.


    Return to school protocols were distributed last week and are available on our website.


    Students who are temporarily absent for a COVID-related reason will be given an opportunity to Zoom into their classes.

    ACTIVITIES: All athletic activities are still being planned as normal. We will consider mitigation strategies, but have no plan to reduce or eliminate teams or activities.


    All performing arts activities are being planned as normal. We will consider additional mitigation strategies, but have no plan to reduce or eliminate groups, ensembles or activities.

    TRANSPORTATION: We will provide transportation for all students and not limit bus capacity. We will follow the guidelines for municipal transportation including the mandating of masking for all riders.

    EATING: We will provide as much distance as possible for eating.


    Students will be encouraged to have their masks off for a minimal amount of time and we will be assigning seats or tracking their indoor seating in a manner that ensures limited exposure and efficient contact tracing if needed.


    At BHS, there will be a tent outside to encourage outdoor eating whenever possible. The drop-in nature of high school eating makes assigning seats impractical.


    At TCMS, there will be a tent outside to encourage outdoor eating whenever possible. When seated inside, students will be assigned a seat. These assignments will be changed every 10 weeks and will be randomized after the first 10 weeks. The first assignment will be by alphabetical order. This is being done so that we know where each child has been seated for contact tracing purposes. Students will be encouraged to eat and then go outside to socialize with their friends.


    At CRPS and FRES, students will be assigned seats within their class and are being distanced as much as possible. These groups will rotate as well and this is again, to assist in contact tracing.


    Cafeterias in each building are exchanging fresh air 6 to 6.5 times per hour. Fresh air exchange in classrooms is happening multiple times per hour as well.

    OUTDOORS: We will allow students and staff to unmask outdoors if fully vaccinated or if appropriately distanced (We will not ask for verification or require proof of vaccination).

    COMMUNICATION: Weekly COVID updates will resume on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Case counts and emerging or new information will be communicated at that time each week.