• Social Emotional Learning 

    The Council Rock Mental Health Team utilizes the Second Step curriculum as a framework for our social-emotional learning program in Kindergarten, first, and second grades! We visit every classroom each cycle to facilitate lessons that focus on empathy, emotional management, and problem solving. We often supplement this curriculum with fun activities, books, and videos. 

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    Topics in the empathy unit include: using clues like facial expressions and body language to understand how others may feel, respecting different preferences, and showing compassion.  

    Topics in the emotion management unit include: identifying and coping with big emotions like anxiety, anger, embarrassment, and understanding what happens in our bodies when we have big feelings. 

    Topics in the problem-solving unit include: working together, steps to solve problems, and using empathy during social problem solving. 

    Monique Burr Foundation for Children - Happy #WorldEmojiDay😁! Say hello to  our Safety Squad, created to help kids remember how to stay safe from  bullying, abuse, online exploitation, and more. Learn all

    Each Spring we turn our focus to safety and abuse prevention as we facilitate lessons using the Monique Burr Foundation Child Safety Matters curriculum. Families are notified prior to this unit being delivered. For more information click here: MBF_Brochure_22-23.pdf (mbfpreventioneducation.org)