MTI's All Together Now is global event celebrating local theatre and will be presented by schools and theatres in 36 countries and all 50 states in November.  

    Friday, November 12 at 7pm

    Saturday, November 13 at 3pm & 7pm

    Tickets $10 at the door only



    Click here for All Together Now song list


    Artistic Director - Mrs. Shomper

    Musical Director - Mrs. Staebell

    Choreographer -  Ms. Lani Toyama Hoskins

    Stage Manager - Karter Derhak


    All Together Now Cast:

    Henry Ager

    Brooke Allen

    Sophia Baker

    Kareena Balkissoon

    Lucy Callan

    Anna David

    Eleanore Derthick

    Emma Devine

    Kara Filmore

    Daniel Gasparino

    Zoe Houghtling

    Fiona Hughes

    Katey Laird

    Natalie Mankoff

    Charlotte Marcus

    Molly McIntyre

    Megan Mendler

    Maria Gaudio Nichols

    Daniela Nobles

    Izzy Obecanov

    Jada Phelps

    Jennifer Puckey

    Sydney Raville

    Adrianne Reed

    Sage Rinella

    Chloe Rothberg

    Jack Searcy

    Adia Shetler

    Tobin Smith

    Denise Snyder Smith

    Leah Tyree

    Nessa VanHorn

    Juliana Vasquez-Colindres

    Kenya Vickers

    Hailey Walsh