• COVID Update — Sept. 15, 2021  


    Dear Families,  

    School got off to a great start in many ways, not the least of which is in terms of COVID safety management. Although we wish that there were 0 cases, we are glad to report that transmission seems to be limited at this point. There are currently 3 active cases and 4 individuals in quarantine. There is 1 case each at Council Rock Primary School, French Road Elementary School, and Brighton High School. They involve 1 staff member and 2 students. Thank you for everything that you are doing to be proactive, preventative, and to take care of everyone around you.   

    We’re excited to let you know that among eligible students at the 6-12 level (12 and older), 95.5% have been vaccinated. This is remarkable. Please note that this doesn’t mean COVID can’t spread. We know that the Delta variant can be more easily transmitted but that vaccination is likely to reduce the severity of infection and the potential for additional transmission.   

    The state is requiring that all school staff be tested weekly with an option to “opt-out” if they are fully vaccinated. We’re currently working on implementing a process for that to happen. We expect to start testing at the beginning of October. The state testing guidelines also provide for some screening and diagnostic testing. Expect to hear more about that over the coming weeks as well. We’ll keep you posted and can assure you that testing will not begin until you are well notified and a part of the process.  

    Thank you again for being the partners you are. We deeply appreciate your concern for everyone’s health and safety. It is allowing for families to stay safe and students to stay in school.  


    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.  

    Superintendent of Schools  


    Health Procedure Reminder  

    Here is what to do for school if your child has been sick in the last 10 days, was exposed to COVID-19, was placed in quarantine, or has tested positive for COVID-19 (regardless of vaccination status):   

    • Call your child’s school attendance office to notify them that your child is absent for a COVID-related issue.   
    • If you are leaving a message, please ask for a nurse to call back for a COVID-related issue.   
    • Keep your child home and follow the steps in the flowcharts provided.   
    • A nurse will contact you as soon as they can!   

    Please note: Rapid antigen tests are no longer acceptable to return to school if a student is symptomatic. Anyone who exhibits any symptom listed on the flowchart must get a PCR test.