The Children’s Hour

    By Lillian Hellman


    The Children's Hour is a serious adult drama about two women who run a school for girls. After a malicious youngster starts a rumor about the two women, the rumor soon turns to scandal. As the young girl comes to understand the power she wields, she sticks by her story, which precipitates tragedy for the women. It is later discovered that the gossip was pure invention, but it is too late. Irreparable damage has been done. 

    This production may not be suitable for children or individuals sensitive to certain themes, as it contains depictions of bullying, violence, homophobia, intolerance and suicide.

    Talkbacks following the performance with students, counseling staff and local mental health professionals discussing the shows mature themes.

    April 28 & 29 at 7pm

    Director - Colleen Parent

    Tickets $5 at the door (cash or check)



    Karen Wright - Sophie Hilger

    Martha Dobie - Lea Mancarella

    Mrs. Lily Mortar - Hope Galloway

    Dr. Joseph Cardin - Callan Comeau

    Mrs. Amelia Tilford - Zoe Dale

    Agatha/Understudy Mrs. Tilford - Casey Boyack

    Mary Tilford - Gracie Conn

    Rosalie Wells - Francess Lovett

    Peggy Rogers/Understudy Karen - Aurora Cabral

    Lois Fischer/Understudy Mrs. Mortar - Soph Miller

    Evelyn Munn/Understudy Martha - Lily Fitzpatick

    Helen Burton/Understudy Rosalie - Casey Howe

    Catherine/Understudy Mary - Renata Corrado-Green

    Janet/Understudy Peggy/Lois/Evelyn - Jamie Ryder

    Leslie/Understudy Agatha - Bronte Yelle

    Grocery boy/Understudy Dr. Joe Cardin - Henry Ager

    Standby Understudy - Janet/Catherine/Helen/Leslie  - Paix Day-Magallon

    Tech Crew:

    Ann Adamski, Carol Adamski, Fae Calhoun, Anya Derhak, Alexandria Hall, Victoria Hardie, Pidge Hood, Tree Howe, Arwen Hull, Molly Kirkwood, Violet Klaus, Raphael Knauf, Aaron Mai, Soren Marques, Rhys McClendon, Emily Moy, Ashe Nipe, Wyatt Robinson, Olivia Seckel, Alexis Sharp, Kayleigh Sherman, Hudson Sloan, Tamako Wigal