• Each school building in Brighton has a building based School Based Equity Team. These teams consist of administrators, teachers, staff, families, and students (as applicable). The teams meet monthly to review school building goals around equity. Each building has set their own goals based on a review of their building data, strengths, and needs.



    CRPS Facilitators

    FRES Facilitators

    TCMS Facilitators

    BHS Facilitators


    Goals for 2023-24 School Year

    Previous Work




    • Continued review of student data surrounding sense of belonging and culture/ climate
    • Professional Learning opportunities at monthly faculty meetings
    • Continued work with Re-Center to support ongoing work


    Fall 2023 School Based Equity Team updates:

    • CRPS is working on reviewing student, family and staff social emotional learning survey data. Additionally, this team is creating professional development opportunities for all staff, working together to process ongoing issues and concerns and planning school wide celebrations through the year.
    • FRES school based equity work is focusing on developing schoolwide norms and agreements while also building capacity of staff members to support professional learning throughout the school year. 
    • TCMS has been reviewing data from spring social emotional surveys and narrowing the focus this year to “unstructured spaces” such as hallway, dismissal, cafeteria, etc. Staff received training on 2023 NYS legal update and best practices for creating a safe, supportive and affirming school environment for transgender and gender expansive students. 
    • BHS is comparing student survey data from 2022 to 2023, particularly around students’ written responses around sense of belonging. Additionally, this team is focusing on what students need to be successful in AP and College courses, including investigating barriers to students taking or being successful in AP courses.