• Our goal for our students, is to supply them with technical, creative and performance skills, and give them the ability to apply them to all aspects of their lives. We work to find elements of music that inspire and interest each musician and hope they will choose to incorporate those interests into their other classroom subjects and their lives long past the time they are at TCMS.

    We collaborate closely with our colleagues both at FRES and at BHS to try to build a continuous, district-wide program.

    There are many musical course offerings at the middle school. In both our Performing Ensembles (grade level bands, choruses and orchestras, Show Choir and Jazz band, and small chamber ensembles) and in our classroom music classes, we teach technical skills and musical literacy. Additionally, our curriculum aligns with the NYS standards for the arts and includes the following components:

    Creating: Students will experiment with writing and improvising their own musical work. They will work to refine and perfect these and be able to evaluate them and other performances.

    Performing: Students will learn to select, analyze, and interpret artistic works. They should be able to demonstrate understanding of and apply expressive qualities in their performances. They should be able to use feedback to develop strategies to improve their performance.

    Responding: Students will learn to find meaning in musical examples.

    Connecting: Music helps us understand the lives of people in different times, places and cultures.


    Performing Ensembles

    Students enrolled in performing ensembles will participate in large ensemble rehearsals as well as smaller group lessons (in the instrumental programs) and get the chance to participate in a variety of performances throughout the year. Our students have the opportunity to participate in solo festivals and have been selected for county and region wide select ensembles (all county, all state, NYSBDA). The jazz bands performs at the Lilac Festival each year in May.

    6th Grade Opportunities:

    • Grade 6 Band is open to all students who play wind, brass, or percussion instruments.
    • Grade 6 Chorus is open to all students
    • Grade 6 Orchestra is open to all students who play a string instrument.

    Show Choir is open to students by audition

    7th Grade Opportunities:

    • Grade 7 Band
    • Grade 7 Chorus
    • Grade 7 Orchestra
    • Show Choir

    Jazz Band is open to students by audition

    8th Grade Opportunities:

    • Grade 8 Band
    • Grade 8 Chorus
    • Grade 8 Orchestra
    • Show Choir
    • Jazz Band

    Classroom Music

    General Music or Classroom music is required for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who do not perform in another ensemble (band, chorus or orchestra.) Students participating in general music will get the opportunity to use classroom instruments (guitars, ukeleles, recorders, rhythm and percussion instruments, keyboards) to develop their musical literacy and skills as well as incorporating music technology to advance their composition and creative skills.

    Musical Theater: TCMS is proud to be able to offer a yearly musical open to all students by audition. This year we will also be having a drama production in the spring!