What does the family navigator do?

    Services Twelve Corners Middle School and Brighton High School students and families under the umbrella of Mental Health Supports in the district. Specifically, the family navigator:

    • Provides resources and education about social emotional health to interested families to improve students’ access to education.
    • Provides contacts for accessible mental health support(s) in the community for students/families and direct parent education and collaboration.
    • Provides direct/indirect support to students during school via individual and group interventions.
    • Provides direct/indirect support to families via family, individual, and community meetings.
    • Offers consultation support to departments and actively engages with staff to support mental health needs within each school.
    • Attends special education meetings, team meetings, and Brighton Support Team meetings.
    • Act as a liaison between families and a variety of resources in the community.

     How can you get in contact with me?

    • Reach out to me directly any time via contact info. below
    • Administrators, counselors, and general school staff can reach out to me directly at any time and through our formalized systems as a district.
    • Students are often referred to me by staff members who have met with the administrative/counseling teams.
    • Families and students can contact me through their building counselor. I am open and willing to support our students and families and would welcome an in-person or virtual visit.


    Meg Goodman, LMSW

    Family Navigator

    Twelve Corners Middle School/Brighton High School

    Central office- Room 232

    585-242-5200 ext. 5537