• Grading at TCMS and BHS

    Following a districtwide study of Grading Practices beginning in 2019, TCMS and BHS have adopted grading practices that are observed by teachers building wide. Brighton Central School District understands that grades need to be meaningful, accurate, consistent, and supportive of learning. The District also understands that the purpose of grading is to:

    • Communicate accurately about the achievement of specific standards and learning outcomes.
    • Identify the strengths and needs of each student in order to guide academic planning.
    • Promote student self-reflection and engagement in the learning process.
    • Provide data to teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs.

    The District articulated three grading practices that all middle and high school teachers implemented at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. The two practices state:

    1. No grade representing below a 50% will be used in grade calculations. This practice is related to our belief that grading policies should be set up to support student motivation to learn. While we acknowledge the need to communicate when a student has failed, the intention is to avoid having any one grade have a disproportionate impact on the student’s overall grade for the course.
    2. No extra-credit will be awarded as a means of artificially raising a student’s grade. A student’s grade for the course should reflect their achievement of academic standards and not be conflated by other factors, such as extra-credit. This includes items such as turning in permission slips, attending an off campus event or bringing in supplies.
    3. Homework will not be assigned over school breaks/major vacations. With the exception of AP courses, new homework will not be assigned over school break weeks. All students deserve down time and a chance to reset and regroup. Students may certainly choose to use this time to catch up on existing assignments.