Graduate Records Requests

  • Congratulations, you've graduated and entered the real world!  You may have left the halls of BHS, but we are still here to help.  Below are resources and information you may need in the future.

    Best of luck!

Transcript & Records Requests

  • Whether you need your transcript for a new job, transferring colleges or applying to college for the first time - we've got you covered!


    For submission of all BHS application materials, we follow the SAME PROCESS as your senior year:

    1- Contact your School Counselor and any previous teachers you will need letters from to let them know you are planning to apply.

    2- If you have any updates on your life, share them!  We are happy to update letters of rec with any new and exciting information.  If not, we will send the letters we have on file from your senior year.

    3- If a teacher is re-writing a letter or if it is a NEW teacher letter, please be sure to have the teacher send the new letter to the registrars directly.  Remember, we can only submit BHS Faculty letters.  Any additional letters need to be requested directly through Common App.

    3- Submit your application at least 15 school days prior to the application deadline.

    4- Complete a Bluesheet for EVERY application/college you need your materials sent to and email the Bluesheets to

    5- We will submit your requested application materials to the college/job application destinations within the 15 school day period.

    **The only change is that there are NO STEPS IN NAVIANCE.  It's that simple!!

    Of course, if you have questions, we are still here to help.  Reach out to your School Counselor, Mrs. Stern or the Registrars office at any time.