Athletic Code of Conduct



    Brighton High School has established rules which all students must follow if they wish to participate in an interscholastic program.    Participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege that allows the student to represent themselves, their classmates, school and community. This challenges them to meet standards of behavior and sportsmanship that is worthy of pride by the school community. In addition to these rules, participants are also held to the rules and consequences of the Brighton High School Student Handbook.


    This Code of Conduct applies to behaviors on or off-campus and at ANY TIME during the student’s enrollment in Brighton schools, including summers. It is the responsibility of the participant to know and observe the rules below and to accept the consequences associated with any violation of these rules.  Please read the rules and guidelines below. 


    Rules / Expectations

    1.  Students are to refrain from the possession, use/distribution of alcohol, drugs/drug paraphernalia, steroids, and tobacco in any form or quantity.

    2.  Students are held to a “zero tolerance policy” in assault upon, hazing, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, intimidation of, discrimination

           against or any criminal offense against another student or damage of student property.

    3.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and commendable manner at all times in the school, the classroom and during all

           interscholastic activities, towards students, staff, opponents, officials and spectators.  Profane language/gestures are not acceptable at any time.  

    4.  Students are to refrain from any behavior, on or off school property, which is detrimental to welfare or safety of others.

    5.  Students are to attend all classes, unless excused, everyday and be in school for at least half of their classes on the day of games.   

    6.  Students are responsible for their uniforms, locks, equipment and must return them at the end of the season or pay for replacement fee.

    7.  Students are to model, encourage and support good sportsmanship at all times.