A typical Varsity Cross Country Race is 3.1 miles and usually run on trails and fields at the parks of Monroe County.  Modified races are 1.5 miles and increase to 2 miles after mid season.

    For dual Cross Country Meets an entire team competes at the same time with the top five finishers for each team considered "Varsity" for scoring purposes.  The teams next five finishers are considered Junior Varsity. 

    Courses spread throughout the county park system.  Driving directions, maps and a wealth of information can be found at:  Monroe County Cross Country

    It's great fun to watch a Cross Country race but you should be prepared to "run" around to the different spectator viewing sites. Wearing sneakers or comfortable walking shoes will help. Younger siblings usually have a great time at the meets because they too can run around and enjoy the park.  It's ok to bring dogs to the smaller dual meets, but they should be kept on a leash and kept back from the runners at all times.  You are discouraged from bringing dogs to invitationals and they are not allowed at the Championship meets at the end of the season.


    Teams are scored in head to head competition.  Only runners from the two teams are factored in.  The lower score wins.  The sixth and seventh runners from each team can displace the top five from the other team.  Runners beyond the seventh runner do not factor into varsity scoring.  If a team claims, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in a league meet they automatically win.

    State results and rankings can be found at:


    All teams are scored against each other.  The overall finishing positions of the top 5 runners are added together for the team score.  Once again, the lowest score wins.  The sixth and seventh runners from each team can displace top five runners.  Incomplete teams are pulled out for scoring.

    In league meets your runner is varsity if they finish in the top 7 on our team.  The top 7 runners from league meets will usually represent our varsity squad in invitationals.

    In invitationals the top 7 will run varsity, and all other runners will compete in varsity "B", junior varsity or other sub-varsity races.

    varsity and junior varsity practice and travel together for most of the season.  The top 10 athletes from each squad will represent Brighton at the section V Championships, with the top 7 running in the varsity race.  All runners and parents are encouraged to attend.