1.  Parents, please come to the meets and cheer for the team.  These are great kids and you will be so proud of all of them.

    2. Parent volunteers are needed to host pasta parties.  For more information please visit this link What is a pasta party?  Pasta party information can also be found in the resources section of this website.

    3.  Runners shall wear team uniform when competing.  Jewelry and electronic devices and not permitted.  Please see team captains for more  information.

    4.  High school meets are usually 3.1 (5K) and sometimes 3.0.  Modified meets are 1.5 until the Seneca Invite which is 2 miles and that continues to the end of the season. 

    5.  The order of events at dual meets (Tuesdays) are high school boys start at 4:30; then modified boys start after high school boys finish with modified girls starting 2 minutes later; after all modified runners finish the high school girls race.  Mid season, the high school boys and girls switch order, the high school girls go first, then modified and then high school boys.

    6.  spikes are not permitted in modified meets

    7. spikes are permitted but not required in high school meets; coaches and captains can advise

    8. Student athletes cannot miss school the day of a meet or miss practice day prior to a meet.

    9. The traditional snacks brought buy parent volunteers are apples and plain or wheat bagels, cinnamon raisin and chocolate chip bagels seem to be the most popular with the kids; see boosters to volunteer to provide snacks.

    10. Athletes should bring extra layers for meets, especially invites, extra socks if it is rainy, extra shoes if it is rainy; blister Band-Aids; dry change of clothes.  A full supply list is located on this site to help keep you prepared.

    11.  Student athletes run in all weather except lightning

    12. Dri-fit clothing to wear under uniforms when it's cold is preferable to cotton.  White top, blue bottom are the only options to wear under uniforms .

    13. A hat and/or head band will be important. Preferably smart wool as the weather gets cooler.

    14.  Warm outer wear to warm up in: pants, jacket & sweatshirt.

    15.  Extra socks for race day. Smartwool or Darn Tough socks keep feet drier when it's wet.

    16. Knit gloves from either Target or Walmart.

    17. Water bottle and a snack for race day are very important.

    18. Jewelry must be taken off during meets and invitationals.

    19.  Good running shoes can be found locally at Medved, Fleet Feet and Jim Dalberth's Sporting Goods.