2018 Outdoor Track & Field Order of Events

  • Welcome to the 2018 Outdoor Track & Field Season!
    Dual Meets (Boys, then Girls):

    110 Hurdles

    100 Hurdles





    400 Hurdles



    3200/3000 Will be Combined

    4x100 Relay

    4x400 Relay

    4x800 Relay (may be combined based on timing)


     Field Events

    Long Jump Varsity First (3 Jumps)

    Triple Jump Varsity (3 Jumps)


    JV Long Jump (3 or 2 jumps based on time)

    JV Triple Jump (3 or 2 jumps based on time)

    Pole Vault

    G & B Together with Bar Starting at 5’ boys can start at 6’6”

    HJ- Girls Then Boys (Girls start at 3’10 and Boys at 4’ 8”)

    Girls Shot and Boys Disc (3 throws varsity) then once varsity is complete JV (2 to 3 throws based on time), then Boys Shot and Girls Discus in the same manner.


    The order of events will be available at each invitational, depending on events that are scheduled.
    You can also find the order under "Live Results" on www.yentiming.com

    See you at the meets!


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