• The mission of the Brighton Central School District is to realize the high aspirations our community has for its children. We expect all students to achieve their full potential for personal development, educational success, and lifelong learning. We are committed to equipping students with knowledge, values, and skills that will enrich their lives and enable them to become responsible, contributing citizens of a changing global community.

    We believe . . .

    • The educational community is committed to excellence and continuous improvement.
    • Student learning and development are the highest priorities for our schools and are the primary bases for decisions.
    • Student, parent, family, staff, and community commitments are necessary for schools to succeed in their mission.
    • The schools must provide a safe environment and an atmosphere which is conducive to learning for all students.
    • Students should be taught in a developmentally appropriate manner.

    We are committed to performance-based student outcomes as the expression of our mission.

    Students will develop a substantial base of knowledge and skills in —

    • The Arts
    • English Language and Literature
    • Foreign Language
    • Health
    • History and Social Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Education
    • Science
    • Technology

    Students will develop a strong sense of self worth by

    • Shaping their own learning
    • Valuing and producing high quality work 
    • Succeeding in a variety of learning activities

    Students will understand the role of the citizen in a democratic society by 

    • Demonstrating responsibility for the common good
    • Recognizing the worth of each individual
    • Participating in activities to help others
    • Accepting diversity of beliefs and cultures

    Students will demonstrate that they can think and act critically and creatively. They will demonstrate attitudes and skills necessary to become lifelong learners and productive, independent adults in an economically, culturally, and technologically changing world. Students will demonstrate character and ethical behavior and be able to support a personal value system. They will recognize the interrelationships of the disciplines and will integrate the skills of these disciplines in their learning.