• The mission of the Brighton Central School District provides a view of the destination for all students. The vision is an outgrowth of the mission and describes the conditions which will exist to ensure that the mission is achieved.

    Members of the Brighton Central School community will provide an environment committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

    • All school community members will model the core values adopted by the school community.
    • Adults will model lifelong learning and take responsibility for their continuous personal and professional development.
    • School calendars, schedules, and physical space will be adjusted to expand opportunities for students and members of the school community.

    Student, parent, family, staff, and community commitments are necessary for schools to succeed in their mission. 

    • There will be a community presence within each school and a school presence within the community.
    • The school district will develop active partnerships with other school districts, universities, businesses, and community organizations.
    • There will be opportunities for student learning through internships, volunteer, and mentoring experiences.
    • Staff will reflect the cultural diversity of the community.
    • Adults will engage in collaborative efforts for the benefit of all students. 

    Student learning and development are the highest priorities for our schools and are the primary bases for decisions. Students should be taught in a developmentally appropriate manner. 

    • Students will be actively engaged in learning activities within the school.
    • Curriculum and instruction will foster an appreciation for the diversity of people and their beliefs.
    • An integrated curriculum will provide instruction at appropriate skill levels.
    • Curriculum will be monitored and adjusted to respond to the changing conditions of the global community.
    • Adults and students will be responsible and accountable for student learning.
    • Technology will be appropriately infused into instructional and management practices. 

    The school will provide a safe environment and an atmosphere which is conducive to learning for all students.