BHS Academic Support

  • Indicators of Eligibility

    Students eligible for AIS, including those with disabilities and/or limited English proficiency are:

    New York State mandated

    All students who score Level 1 or 2 on their 8th grade NYS assessments in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

    New York State mandated

    All students who score below the approved local passing grade on NYS assessments required for graduation in:

    • Earth Science or Living Environment
    • English Language Arts
    • Integrated Algebra
    • Global History
    • U.S. History

    Brighton Central Schools mandated

    All students who fail a course that has implications for failing State-required assessments for graduation:

    English 8, English 9, English 10

    • Social Studies 8, Global 9, Global 10
    • Math 8, Algebra I, Geometry
    • Science 8, Earth Science

    Range of Services

    1. Content Specific Labs

    • Math Lab (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II)
    • Science AIS (Living Environment, Earth Science)
    • Social Studies AIS (Global, U.S. History)
    • English provided through Brighton Support Center 

    2. Content area Help Rooms:

    • Content area teachers have help rooms throughout the day as schedules allow. Students may be scheduled in a help room to receive support during their non-class time.

    3. FLEX

    • All content area teachers are available during FLEX daily. Students may receive help during their non-class time.

    4. Brighton Support Center    

    • Academic support for those students whose skill levels impede academic progress and require intervention. BSC helps students who have made an attempt to improve skills through the content area help centers and/or teacher contact, either or both of which have proven unsuccessful. 

     Contact information: Mark Lincoln at or Katie Massey at