Earth Science

  • The Earth Science Team

    Ms. Karen Deans
    Mr. Sean Metz
    Ms. Deborah Organek

    This Regents level course deals with how and why the environment of the earth changes, how the earth interacts in the solar system, the effect of solar radiation on the atmosphere, weather and climate, the dynamic nature of the earth’s crust, the formation of various kinds of rocks.  Students will also study the geological history of the earth as well as the effect that humans have had in the evolution of the earth’s landscape.

    Topic 1 – Introduction

    What is Earth Science, the origin of the Earth, the Earth’s shape, layers and size, and Earth’s density and temperature.

    Topic 2 – Measuring the Earth

                In this topic we will discuss map projections, latitude & longitude, topographic maps and calculating the Earth’s circumference.

    Topic 3 – Rocks and Minerals

                Students will learn the characteristics of minerals and rocks and how to differentiate between the types.

    Topic 4 – Earth Processes

                During this topic students will learn mechanical and chemical weathering, earth’s erosional processes, ground water characteristics, soil profiling, stream erosion and transportation, and glacial movement and deposits.

    Topic 5 – Dynamic Crust

                This topic will include Plate Tectonics and Earthquake calculations.

    Topic 6 – Geologic Time

                Rock layers on Earth’s surface are like pages in a book, each layer records an event in Earth’s history.

    Topic 7 – Astronomy

                Studying telescopes, stars and their characteristics, galaxies and the universe, The Sun and its motions, the solar system, as well as the Moon and Earth motions.

    Topic 8 – Energy and the Earth

                During this topic we discuss the composition and structure of the atmosphere, heating and water in the atmosphere, forms of condensation, clouds and precipitation.

    Topic 9 – Weather

                In this topic we discuss air pressure, wind, air masses, fronts and pressure systems, and types of storms

    Topic 10 – Climate

                This topic includes climate and controls, rainfall and climate change.



    After completion of a minimum of 1200 minutes labs students taking the Regents Earth Science Course will take the New York State Physical Setting Earth Science Exam.

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