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“Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” - Mortimer Adler


Scroll down to Related Files for the AP Language and AP Literature summer reading assignments.

These assignments are required for each course.

Below you will find some guidelines for summer reading along with book list recommendations for students entering Grades 9 – 12. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there specific books that students must read over summer vacation?

  • Only students enrolled in AP Language and Composition (Grade 11) and AP English Literature and Composition (Grade 12) receive required reading assignments that must be completed by the start of school. Hard copies of these assignments were distributed to students at the end of the school year. Additional hard copies are available in the BHS Main Office. While reading hard copies is recommended for annotating, electronic copies are available here as well - scroll down to see the specifics for each course.
  • All other students are encouraged to read as much as possible, but no specific titles are required. Links to popular book lists are available below. 

Will students be tested on summer reading in September?

  • Only students in AP courses will be assessed in September, but not without additional instruction. All other students will benefit from summer reading because their reading skills will grow stronger; consequently, they will be more prepared for their upcoming academic courses.

What types of books should students read over the summer?

  • Parents should work with their teenagers to select a variety of reading experiences. We encourage students to read fiction and non-fiction, poetry and drama, essays and short stories. Variety in selection and variety of challenge level are important for developing readers. Titles suggested in the websites below along with the numerous book lists provided on the Internet can be helpful in the search for good summer reading. 
  • While it may be tempting to get a jump on texts read during the school year, we discourage students from choosing core English texts as their summer reading to maintain the community experience of reading a text with your peers. The Core Text List can be found here:

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