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  •  *NEW* - College Fly-In Opportunities!

    Click on the links below to view opportunities for college visits.  Some colleges are offering all-expense paid visits, click on the links below for criteria and more information on visits.

    2020 Discover Swathmore - New virtual visit! Application deadline Aug. 3

    WOW - Windows on Williams - WOW gives high school seniors the opportunity to spend three all-expenses-paid days at Williams. WOW is a selective program open to high school students with preference is given to high-achieving students who couldn’t otherwise afford to visit Williams. Programs dates: Sept. 24-26 (deadline to apply July 1) and Oct. 15-17 (deadline to apply Aug. 1)

    Hoos First Look - University of Virginia - Must be a high-achieving, low-income and/or first-generation Junior in High School for the 2020-2021 academic year. Program dates: October 23-25.  Deadline to apply June 2020


    Every fall the Brighton High School Counseling Center hosts more than a hundred representatives from colleges and universities all over the state of New York and beyond.  Our seniors and juniors can meet with the representatives at scheduled dates and times during the school day to ask questions and gather information about schools in which they have an interest in potentially attending. 

    This first contact can be very important because many of these reps will be involved in the processing of applications and final decisions regarding acceptances.  Our school community is proud of the "glowing" feedback the Counseling Office receives from the visiting representatives about our students.  

    For a complete list of college visits go to Naviance - click here to go to Naviance.   We encourage families to log on together with their student.

    How to access your Naviance account:

    Student’s username and passwords are as follows:

    User Name: FirstnameLASTNAMEGraduationYear

    Password: studentID#

    Ex: Jane Doe, Class of 2015

    UserName: JaneDOE2015

    Password: 123456