• The Eastern Monroe Career Center is committed to offering programs that provide high school students the opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes they will need to succeed in their chosen career. EMCC combines real-life learning experiences, academic skills and business and industry partnerships to prepare our graduates for future education and employment endeavors.

      BHS students are introduced to EMCC programs in 10th grade seminar.  There are two opportunities for students to visit the programs at EMCC to ensure it is a good fit.

    **BHS requires that you visit if you think you would like to attend any of their programs. EMCC is a two-year commitment (Junior & Senior years), and we want to be sure you are well-informed before making any decisions**

    If interested in EMCC:

    1. Make an appointment to talk with your counselor about EMCC. We will chat about how that would fit in your graduation plans and post-secondary goals. You can sign up for an appointment using our Bookings links (found on the BHS Counseling homepage) or see a secretary in the counseling office.
    2. If we all believe that EMCC is the right choice, you will be given an application to complete and return to Mrs. Stern by the end of the course selection period. THIS APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED AND HANDED IN ON TIME TO BE CONSIDERED FOR EMCC.

    Please check out the EMCC website below to learn more.

EMCC Open House