Your October PSAT/NMSQT® scores will be available online December 9th - 11th!

    In order to access your scores:


    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your counselor.






    PSAT SCORES and FREE SAT Preparation On-line KHAN Academy


    What is Khan Academy and how can it help you with the SAT exam?

    The best way to practice for the SAT is now free for everyone. The College Board’s test developers and the online learning experts at Khan Academy® worked together to bring you Official SAT Practice.


    Don’t miss out on these practice tools:

    • Personalized recommendations for practice on the skills you need the most help with
    • Thousands of questions, reviewed and approved by the people who develop the SAT
    • Video lessons that explain problems step-by-step
    • Full-length practice tests


    Instructions to Link PSAT Results with Khan Academy

    1. Go to
    2. Login to Collegeboard (or create a new account)
    3. Click on “PSAT/NMSQT scores” on right column
    4. Scroll down, click “view details” on the left
    5. Scroll down, under Next Steps to College Readiness click the 3rd box “Practice for SAT Khan Academy”
    6. Click sign up
    7. Join Khan Academy as a “Learner”
    8. Input your date of birth
    9. Choose to sign up with either google, Facebook, or email
    10. Create username and password (should be the same as Collegeboard)
    11. Click “start practicing”
    12. Complete the next 2 question prompts
      1. First question: Select ‘A’ - yes, I have taken the PSAT/SAT
      2. Second Question: Select ‘A’ – sign into Collegeboard and send my test results
    13. Click on “Start Practicing”
    14. Verify password

    **10 hours on Khan Academy could help increase your SAT score by 90 points!**