• Senior Parent Night Video Part 1 - BHS APPLICATION PROCESS

    Senior Parent Night Part 2 - FINANCIAL AID 101 

    Senior Parent Night Part 3 - EXPLORING YOUR OPTIONS 


    Beginning October 7, The Black Scholars Program will host a series of college readiness workshops in October.  To register for the web-series, you can click on this link: https://www.tfaforms.com/4855537






    There's more you need to know about letters of recommendation  

    HEROS - Higher Education Resource Opportunities in Schools  

    Going Merry (Scholarship Search) - How to create a student account



    Building a List of Colleges I’m Applying To - We do NOT use the electronic transcript request- please complete the Blue Sheet

    Editing Colleges I’m Applying To - Will show you how to update your application deadlines, type, and how you are applying (via common app or directly to the institution)

    Common App Registration and Account Matching

    Letter of Recommendation Requests Choose the video option “Request LOR- All Colleges”.  This is how we will request all teacher letter of recommendations.



    Please SIGN UP and ATTEND TWO Senior Seminars. We are packing five classes into two, so make sure you are there- we will be checking up on you if you don't show!


    • Please sign up for both session 1 & 2 during a free period on the days you are IN SCHOOL.
    • These will still be facilitated by one of your fabulous BHS Counselors.
    • Seminars will take place in room 262.
    • Space is limited to 30 students per session so sign up early and don't forget to come!
    • Please be sure to bring your laptops!

    When you register: enter your name, email, cell #. When prompted for "Quantity", choose 1.

    Session 2- https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040545AAAE2DA7FA7-senior1




    Mrs. Stern will be available for office hours starting September 15- December 17th to support you in your post-secondary planning!


    In order to maximize our time together, I will be using Calendly so we can meet at a scheduled time in small groups in the Career Center. So, sign up for a time, encourage a friend to join us, and let’s get started on planning your future!!

    A-L Students- THURSDAYS, Flex-8th Period


    M-Z Students- TUESDAYS , Flex-8th Period


    • Please click on the link for the appropriate alpha split office hours.
    • Sign up for a period when you are free and in school.
    • Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email and/or text message reminder.

    Please come to the Career Center prepared with questions if you can. I want to be sure I can best support you! I hope that you will leave with questions answered and a plan for next steps (which could include another meeting with myself or your School Counselor).

    Don't forget your lap top!

    REMOTE STUDENTS- please email your counselor or Mrs. Stern to set up a Zoom appointment!


    The Registrar's need 10 SCHOOL DAYS to process your application materials to ensure they are submitted by the deadline. This means you need to be ahead of the game and must have your applications submitted at least 10 SCHOOL DAYS prior to the actual application deadline. 

    Click here for the Registrar deadlines- Please note- the Registrars Office will not be ready to process application materials until October 1st. 


    Click here for visits week of October 29

    Click here for complete list of visits.

    This year, all College Representative Visits to BHS will be VIRTUAL. The good news is, we have more colleges visiting us than ever before! Sign up for as many as you'd like! We encourage you to sit in on the ones you know, as well as some that you've never heard of before. 

    In order to "attend", please follow the steps below:

    • Sign up for as many visits as you'd like through Naviance (Log in using Class Link- formerly CLEVER)
    • You will receive the URL link to the virtual meeting via email from Naviance 15 minutes prior to the start of the visit.
    • If you are at home or in school at the time of the visit, you can be excused from class to attend the rep visit. Please let your teacher know ahead of time.
    • If you are in school at the time of the visit, you may go to room 262 to join the visit. Please bring in headphones to listen so you don't disturb other students.



    This fall we will be offering VIRTUAL Instant Decision days with NINE phenomenal institutions!  Click here for Instant Decision Day Poster

    Students will have the chance to meet with an admissions representative via Zoom and receive instant feedback on their application- most students will be informed of their admissions decision that day!

    If interested, please follow the instructions below:

    • Sign up on Calendly for your 15 min admissions appointment with any of the institutions you are interested in.
    • Submit your college application and turn in the Blue Sheet to the Registrar’s office at least 1 week prior to the instant decision date.
    • Please label blue sheet: "College Name-INSTANT DECISION DAY" to ensure we have your transcript & other required documents ready for your appointment.
    • Please encourage teacher(s) to upload letter(s) of recommendation to Naviance at least one week prior to instant decision date.
    • A Zoom Link will be sent to you at 11:45 the day of the meeting. We will let you in from the waiting room at your scheduled time.
    • An admissions counselor will review your materials and could provide an admissions decision and estimate of your scholarship package that night! (some colleges may require a few additional days to process materials)
    • Please note- Geneseo is an ADMISSIONS INTERVIEW ONLY. This will be used as part of your application to be reviewed later. No decision will be made that this time. If interested in Geneseo, we highly recommend taking advantage of this.

    Calendly Link: https://calendly.com/courtney_stern

    A few recommendations:

    • Show up a few minutes early- you don’t want to be late!
    • Wear appropriate attire- no need to dress up, but please look presentable. This is YOUR opportunity to show them who you are other than a name on a piece of paper!
    • Come prepared with questions about the school- we are happy to help you with this.

    If you have any questions about these opportunities, please contact Mrs. Stern!