Support Groups


    Approximately 300 students a year participate in counseling groups. This format provides students with a safe environment of social and emotional support. Group is not psychotherapy. Support groups are designed to make students aware that they are not alone in dealing with various life difficulties. Support groups meet one period per cycle. Students are responsible for class work if they are missing a class during this time. Teachers and administrators are supportive of student participation in group.

    Topics may include loss and grief, academic pressure, relationships, family discord, communication, etc. Students may join group at any time by contacting the Counseling Department. 

    As mandated reporters, in accordance with professional ethics and state laws, some situations may require counseling facilitator/s to disclose information to a parent/guardian, administrator or appropriate agency without permission. There are three times when this would have to happen. They are:


    v A student discloses that someone has or is hurting them

    v A student discloses they are currently hurting or in danger of hurting oneself

    v A student discloses they are thinking about hurting someone else


    Online group therapy