Work Permits

  • In order to work in NYS you must have a valid work permit if you are under 18. It's always a good idea to have a permit ready to go as you just never know when a job opportunity may come your way!


    Working papers are divided into two age groups:


    14-15 year-olds - Your work permit is blue.

    16-17 year-olds – Your work permit is green. *The number of hours you are eligible to work increases.


    What You Will Need:


    • Physical Fitness Certification - You will need to have had a doctor's exam within the last 12 months verifying you are physically fit for work. During the school year, the school nurse may complete this form if an updated health form is on file in her office. Otherwise, complete the top portion of the form and take it to your doctor’s office for a signature. The form can be picked up from a secretary in the Counseling Office or use the link below:


    When you have both forms signed, bring them to the Counseling Office to receive a work permit. Students are required to sign their permit in front of a school secretary who will check your identification in SchoolTool. No proof of identification is necessary if you are a registered student.

    **Remember - When you turn 16, you will need to upgrade your 14–15 year-old work permit (blue) to a 16–17 year-old work permit (green). 

    A new application and Physical Fitness Certification will be required. **


    Additional Copies of Work Permits

    If you need another work permit for a new job (same color permit for the same age), stop by the Counseling Office. A new work permit will be issued using the same permit number that was originally assigned, as your application is kept on file.


    Questions: Contact Mrs. Ingle at 585-242-5000 x4526 or