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    Work Permits




    Work permits for Summer 2020


    Due to summer schedules of BHS staff, work permits will be processed on Wednesdays.   Therefore, it is important to apply for a work permit prior to seeking employment.


    Please follow the steps below for a work permit:

    Step 1:   AT-17 Form

    Complete Part 1 only at the top of the AT-17 form using the following link:

    It requires a parent signature.   This can be done with a digital signature using Acrobat reader or a hand signature.   The following link can be used if you chose a digital signature:


    Step 2:  Health Form

    A health form from a physical dated within the last 12 months is necessary. 


    Step 3:   Email both forms

    Email the AT-17 form to

    Email the health form to

    *send the email any day of the week - all questions can be directed to Jane Ingle, Counseling Office Secretary


    Step 4:  Student signature

    Once the appropriate forms have been received and approved by the school nurse, Jane Ingle will mail out a permit card.  If you would like to pick up the permit in person, please make arrangements with Mrs. Ingle, as access to the high school is limited.


    Due to Covid 19, New York State has waived the requirement of having the student sign the permit in the presence of a school staff member.  The card should be sign by the student upon receipt and prior to being presented to an employer.