Community Service Project

  • Health: Community Service Project:

    • Due the last week of the semester Health is taken.
    • Counted as final the exam grade, 20% of course.
    • 5 points off each day late.


    Components needed for completion:

    • Contract(s) with agency(ies)
    • 25 hours logged, signed each visit by supervisor.
    • Written Reflection to put in Naviance.



    How to complete the project in 5 steps? 

    1. Research an agency that offers a service that interests you.
      • Suggested agencies list on health website.
    2. Contact the agency to check opportunities that are available.
    3. Meet with the agency and supervisor
      • Complete the contract
        • Student, parent, supervisor and teacher must sign.
        • All signatures on the contract at the start of service.
    1. Volunteer – have your supervisor sign your hours log each time.
    2. Once 25 hours are complete – complete your reflection and submit to Naviance. Submit the hours log to your teacher.    

                          *Naviance is the program to prepare for post high school.



    THE FINAL REFLECTION Paragraph – Put into Naviance (this will be completed in class)

    These questions will help in writing the paragraph.  Take notes during expeirence to then write during class. 

    What is the name of the agency from the experience? 

    What is the purpose and/or mission of the agency?

    What did your role as a volunteer do to help meet this purpose?

    What did you learn about yourself as a result of this experience?

    What was the greatest benefit from spending time with this agency?

    How did this experience influence you future endeavors?

    What have you learned about volunteering?

    Your contact from the agency: Name, Position and phone number.







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    Brighton High School

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